How to list design products using API

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to program my new website using the Spreadshirt API to access my products. For now I have been able to show my store designs without any problem, but what I’m trying to do is get a list of all products for a design, something like what you get when you visit this url:!/kickboxing+warrior?q=I1016982411

I’m trying to use this url:

to get the list of articles for a design but is not accepting my design Id query or I’m missing some other parameter. Does anyone of you have any idea how can I do what I want?


there is already a Wordpress Plugin with all that and more features (use min-view):

And be sure, this Spreadshirt API v1 is outdated and won’t get updates. There will be a new one! Don’t invest too much time :slight_smile:

Anyways, if requesting the url you mentioned, you can only query shops, not a specific design :slight_smile:
You awfully have to query all designs and then filter the results to that design id.


Hi @lovetee, thank you for answering so fast.

I already knew about that Wordpress plugin, but as it says on the plugin page it will not work for me:

This plugin doesn’t work for users using the new Spreadshirt user area. Only few of products are displayed, not all your selected ones. You might use Spreadshop of Spreadshirt then:

I’m in the new Spreadshirt user area, and have already tested the plugin and it was actually true, it didn’t work. And the SpreadShop plugin mentioned above the only thing that does is insert the JavaScript version of the store on Wordpress, and I already have it in my website, but it gives me very little control posibilities. That is why I’m no longer using Wordpress and was doing my own code using the API.

What I’m trying to do is optimize my website for social media sharing of my designs, using each design product image to be shown when the link is shared. For this I need to have the possibility to link any of my products url with the corresponding product image, which I’m using to generate another image that is going to be the one that is to be shown on the social media. The Javascript version of the store doesn’t give me this posibility. I thought that the API would probably work for me but it doesn’t, I guess I will have to look for another solution to have my online t-shirts store.


the notice is because of the products/articles, which can’t be read in the new user area. Thats the reason it is not working for you :slight_smile: (I’m the developer, so I know it :wink:)

Regarding the javascript shop, you could use deeplinks.

An approach could be the following:
First: Create social media image by fetching designs via api and putting them on a shirt mockup including your other images like your logo… You might have that already, as I can remember, right?

a) This script also creates a link including the designId and your default product (e.g. always default gray shirt) and deeplink to the spreadshirt designer. It could be an embedded spreadshirt designer (sketchomat/tablomat where you have a lot of control or it could be the default speadshop designer (, which every shop has.


b) Manually link to the corresponding product in your shop.


c) Use a deeplink to your spreadshop or javascript spreadshop to trigger the search for a product containing the title or description of your design. While thinking about it, it might be possible to search for designIds, too.

What do you think? Would one of the proposals solve your problem?


Thimo… the new user area has some major default setting issues which is causing the Spreadplugin to break… I tried fixing it, but it doesn’t work :frowning: it is because they are now auto-creating product for each design, so instead of 1 item it multiplies it by 8 (default setting) so instead of 200 items, I have 1600 the plugin is trying to load which also takes a really long time… It doesn’t seem we can actually “create a product” any more. Super bummed I haven’t been getting any sales from those shops either… Sorry I didn’t notice this sooner but I work full time and this is just a hobby thing I’ve been trying to keep up with…

Well, this shouldn’t be a problem, because I’m still loading the Shop resources and it should display the same contents as in your Spreadshop. So if you’re on the latest Spreadplugin, you should have a running version.

Did you see that there were some categoryId changes? Maybe its just that :slight_smile:

Thimo - I don’t know I’m having lots of weird issues, your plugin is working; Spreadshirt’s plugin does not work at all (I tried it causes a fatal error in WordPress at least for my current set up) - I just think there is something odd because of the new Spreadshirt user area… I will try making sure the category IDs are correct, I did see that… It is loading a lot of items/design that I did NOT build. Will report back…

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ok, i’m here mate!

So let me start from the beginning…

When I tried to rebuild the cache, it initially tried to build 600+ items for the main category… I didn’t know why because there weren’t supposed to be that many items in this shop.

Then, I found this setting in Spreadshirt: - Changing the “Products per design” from 8 (default) to 1 fixed my first shop page and it now correctly builds 190 items.

However, when it gets to the category page (see picture below, this is where it goes from ‘Page 1’ to ‘Page 2’ which is the Men’s Category - it attempts to build 1,364 items. This results in a time out or cache error so my site doesn’t update all the pages/items.

Any thoughts? :confused: Can I code this somewhere like we code the category to not build that many items? I may have to just make it a one page shop… which would work.

can you please give your spreadshop url, need to check something :slight_smile:

Granted, Spreadshirt back in the days of … oh what’s her name… Temple? I had a very retro-active grandfathered work around they did for me because I was a better seller at the time. So there is a slight possibility there is still some whack-o coding on their end for this particular shop of mine; but I would think that went away with the new changes/update.