I cannot log in, is my account deleted? +_+

Hi Spreadshirt, I cannot login to my account :tired_face:
My User Account: majinshop
:cold_sweat: seems like it has been deactivated, I have seen some designs rejected - is that the reason for this punishment?
How to make my account work again, because I have uploaded a lot of designs over the past 2 years, my site majinshop.com is selling T-shirts from Spreadshirt (Embed Shop in Website).
Hope to receive help from spreadshirt, Thank you So Much!

Will check but I can see a shop here: https://majinshop.com/king-and-queen-shirts/#!/ ?

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I had to recreate the new account but the old design was rejected × _ ×

Ok, please get in touch with verify@spreadshirt.com if you have further questions regarding rejections etc.