I Like The Partners Area

Just dropping a note to say that I like the new Partner Area.

It’s sleek, fast and powerful. The Spreadshirt Design Team did an amazing job.

Product creation couldn’t be simpler.

Thank You All

Looking forward to a new round of design and product creation on the updated platform…

oh Wow :smiley:
Thank you for that compliment. We know that this change is causing a little frustration at first because of the entirely new interface and process of uploading designs and creating products… but happy to hear you like it as much as we do!

So the move is done, right?
It is now possible to upload my design to the new interface. Hope it will work fine.


Indeed it is. Enjoy!

It’s easier and faster to use than the previous interfaces , as a result ones productivity greatly increases. I had to figure one or two things; but that said, this is currently one of the best UI’s I’ve worked on.

Great Job.

During the migration, I continued to upload my designs and got rejected all designs with the same notice. Now I start reloading my design, hoping it won’t be the same again. : Smile opens mouth. That’s what I want when the migration process is over.


Should you want more detailed information about rejections you can always contact verify@spreadshirt.com

I think this continues. My designs were rejected for “Quality design”, while my design size was set at 2400x3200-300 dpi, by mandatory standards, but I was very disappointed, ever since The migration process starts, until it finishes, it still cannot change that. My design that was uploaded and accepted in a few days was rejected in bulk. Give me reasons and other ways to help me. Thanks.


I like it… :smiley:


Please write an e-mail to verify@spreadshirt.com. The colleagues there will be able to give you precise information as to why these designs were rejected.

Beautiful new User Interface! I’m on 6 different platforms, and this new Spreadshirt UI is now my favorite by far. Great job!

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