Images of products are "stretched"

Hello, I have a shop embedded on my wix website. The images of the products I am offering are stretched and distorted. What do I need to add to my HTML code for them to show up properly? Here is the link so you can see it:

I called the support line and they said to update the embed code. I did that and it didn’t work. My developer was able to fix via CSS.

Can anyone suggest what CSS to use??

Before I had inserted this code:
.sprd-Image.sprd-preview {
height: auto;
img { max-width:100% !important; height:auto !important;}

and it worked fine… but after the update it’s again messed up.

I don’t know since my developer did it. I can give you his email if you want?

Seems to be working now?

NO :frowning: Unfortunately not @Sara - everything is still stretched… every single image, starting from the first page that loads the Design View.
Designs images are rectangular (stretched vertically) instead of being a square. And once clicking on them… all product images are stretched too.

It’s quite embarrassing as most people navigate to the shops through their cellphones… it does not look professional! :weary:

I’m in talks with our developers to see what we can do.

But for @User_NA-4f471ada-d2d - your shop seems to be working, right? At least the link displays everything just fine :slight_smile:

@Sara the images are still stretched. I can navigate to the products just fine, but the images look distorted and unprofessional. I am removing the shop from my site until this has been resolved.

Unfortunately with the current infos from you, I could not reproduce the issue :frowning: I also cannot troulbleshoot further, when the shop is not active. Sorry about that.
As far as I know from other users, it’s a doctype issue. Something similar was addressed in another thread, I’d recommend trying it out:

Do we have any news about stretched images from cellphone views?