Inconsistent/Incomplete Size Variations

I’ve only added two shirts so far, but one of the shirts added normally with sizes S-3XL displaying for all colors. The other shirt I added only shows M-3XL with no smalls for any color.

Side notes:

It would be nice if the default size was S instead of M or L (ascending order) and if the sizes were actually in order instead of in a random mix.

Can we maybe get consistency in the title of the color names? Some are all lowercase and some are initial capped.

Hey there,

Thank you for the feedback.
The behaviour you described is partially related to Shopify and the restriction to 100 variants per product.
Right now we cut off the sizes based on internal sales statistics.
But I can see, that this behaviour os overly confusing.
We will provide an option in the future so that you get informed about this issue before publishing.

The color names will be made consistent within this week.

Kind regards