Is there a document on best practices?

As a newbie, who has yet to sell anything, I am experiencing the normal learning curve. I have yet to find a document on best practices. I would like to see one on creating designs and using the website. I think there is a marketing doc, (I am using my memory. lol). Any guidance would be helpful. I am looking for an all document for each subject.

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You can have a look at the document (altough it’s a bit outdated but it will still give you some usefull tips):

Moreover I can highly encourage you to read our blog: (you’ll find several categories filled with some helpful articles.

Hope this helps for the start!

thank you so much. The first link is the marketing guide. i like it, but i want to know more about creating the products that will be on the store. the blog is ok, but it is too spread out. I do not have time to read thru all that content to find production information. The blog has three categories, Spreadshop, Marketplace and All Posts.

What I am looking for is a manual on:

  1. design, using Photoshop & Illustrator
  2. Uploading file formats, sizes, font size and usage.
  3. Picking garments, and design placement.
  4. Designs for dark and light colors, single and multiple designs
  5. Tips for placing designs, front or back, pocket (not possible, to my knowledge)
  6. Fabric, coloring and sizing guide.
  7. Picking vector colors per garment


i think most of this is on the site, but all over the place. I am looking for a single point to document.

Thank you so much.


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  1. // //

  2. Maybe @Julia-Spreadshirt can provide some more Information

  3. You can view the entire product range here: Moreover, you can check out the design placement for each product separately here: (ou can drag and drop the design into a different print area and of course also change each product you’d like to get more info from)

  4. Can you clarify your question here a little?

  5. You can currently just place one design to one print area. You can drag and drop that design to the print area of your liking.

  6. should help here + pricing:

  7. Again, maybe @Julia-Spreadshirt has some more information here.

Thank you all that help is awesome! I asked those questions off the top of my head.

Question 4. I would like to know best practice for example, I have a black and transparent design, that would not work on dark fabrics. However, if I had a choice to use a second design of white and transparent.

The customer would pick a design, a black shirt, it would be using the white and transparent design, if they choose the white garment, the system would show the black and transparent design.

I am writing my note page of what I know and questions answered. Anyone can view it here. If anyone wants edit rights, let me know. It is far from being correct or polished. lol


I love tha document though! Good work. I’m sure it’ll be plenty useful for many shop owners…

Like all documentation, it will mature. i learned a lot over the last 6 weeks. I am about to scale up my ops.


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