Is there a problem with such designs, pending inquiry



Design ID:


HI I just started my market place shop i had uploaded 3 designs prior to the one detailed above and they were approved almost immediately, the design’s status is still pending after 24 hours wanted to know if this is normal or is there some other problems that I’m unaware of.
Apologies if this is not the right format to make such requests I’m quite ignorant on using forums very new to me.

Ahoy @Freakinmorons,

please contact the colleagues at for that issue.

My designs are pending
Id: 1039163054
Id: 1039182934
How can i solve this problem ?

Hey @hyxcns22,

Its actually not a problem but a security mechanism. Seems that our automatic checking processes found somethint they think its risky. So until the whole checking proces is done they will stay in pending mode.
If the designs passed the whole checking process they will be available.

So right now there is nothing to do but wait.