Is there a SHOPIFY app to use with Spreadshirt?

I’m a little slow here. What would the Shopify app do for your Spreadshirt shop?

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Hi there,
It does not currently exist but we are working on it and currently the plan is to release it before the end of 2018.

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Any update on the release date for a Shopify app/plug-in?

Ohhh, unfortunately not really. We know something is planned but at the moment it’s still very much up in the air. Other features and projects have been prioritised since February. I do not expect for it to be released in the next 6 months :confused:

Dont dropped the ball, creating a plugin would be super beneficial to your business and would generate alot of revenue since you guys are basically dropshippers

There will be something announced soonish that maybe has something to do with everything you´ve asked for :wink:


hey @StrategyHaus

Spreadshirt has launched it´s new Service “Spod”. Our print on demand Shopify solution.
It´s in BETA Mode but you can already give it a try:



I saw this beta by invite only thing a couple of months ago. Is there a release date planned? I have filled out the form…waiting on a invite. I have a Shopify store, but am wanting to use this for a new store.


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the release is depending on the BETA test results. if there are no real blockers, I guess the service goes live for everyone soonish after the Beta is done.

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Hey Mel, the closed Beta is running now - you should have received an invitation by email. You’ll also find the most important information here in our new Shopify App (beta) section:


I am a little lost on this… is this similar to the WordPress plugin, or would one be running their own independent Shopify store using their payment authorization and only drop shipping the product through Spreadshirt?

Yes you got it right.
This is an offer for users who are managing their own label and would like to benefit from our print-on-demand supply chain aka drop shipping, with an included customer service and return policy.

Hi is there a way to integrate the customize tool into shopify as well? I don’t see anything through SPOD to do this? or maybe I missed something?

Hey there!

maybe @ClaudiaSchindela knows if something similar is planned?

Hi Spreadshirt team,
How to make an order manually in POD? I will sell on my shop and will order for my customer shipping address. Is it possible?

Not sure what you mean exactly…do you have a Spreadshop with us or are you using the shopify App via SPOD? Can you please give a little more detail of what you are trying to achieve and what (ideally with links) is already in place. Thanks!

Yes I have both spreadshop and shopify. I also have other shop with my own shopping cart.
I need, if i got order from my own shoping cart, will order to spreadshirt and send to my customer.

If you order from us and state another address (like that of your customer) then of course we will send this order to the address you stated :slight_smile: (if this answers your question).


we plan to add customization for your Shopify storefronts this quarter. As there is no fixed release date yet, I advise installing our Shopify App to receive updates via our newsletter: