Issue validating my address

Hi Guys,

I have an issue I just can’t find a way to solve and really need some help.

I tried placing my address in profile details and it tells me each time that the details I placed are not correct and to do so again.

Each time I placed my address, there was a drop down in which I chose the relevant address (which I saw was from google maps on your system) and it showed the exact address where I live.

I filled up all the info and tried then was told "Your address couldn’t be verified. Please enter a valid address. 2 attempts"

How can I place my address, I’ve done it a few times and get this message each time.

Thanks and looking forward to your reply

Ahoy @User_EU-c4d20b3e,

please contact the colleages at They will help you to vaildate your adress.

Best Rico