Linking specific pages

There used to be specific pages that you can embed within your site, like just my men category, I want to embed just a list specific product categories on different pages of my site, and specific products. (ex., this is what I used to use)

Hiya - I’m not entirely sure what you mean? Could you please elaborate?

At the same time, I’m no developer so that could also be why :wink:

If you use the embedded (javascript) version, you may have already something like:

<div id="myshop"></div>
var spread_shop_config= {
"shopName" : "SHOP-ID",
"locale" : "en_US",
"prefix" : "//",
"baseId" : "myshop"
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

Then just add this:

    window.location.hash = "!-LI**designID**";

Whereas LI**designID** could be one of the other deeplink parts noted here:

Sadly, I can only find the german language explanation.'s