List of our customer's data be made available to us

Hi there. I’d like to request our customer’s data be made available to us. Other shops have them. I understand you guys fulfill it but for us as storeowners it’s CRUCIAL to have this data: to send thank you e-mails, to know who our target audience is-and get to know them better so we can produce for them more products- to know if our friends are buying so we can thank them, and to actually have a successful store where we can NURTURE our audience and specifically OUR BUYERS differently than as if they were cold contacts. THANK YOU!


As we are the fulfilment company, this data is necessary for us to process the order and payment.
Data protection is becoming more and more important these days.I ask you to always keep this in mind and perhaps also to concern yourself a little with the subject.
We do not pass on customer data to third parties.
Please understand this.

It is different if you process the order and payment yourself. Then the customers have entered into a contract with you.
However, this is not the case with our shop system.

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Best Rico