Marketplace design not sold

Store Name:pari0008

ID: 65f3094430fb6e2cbb72164d

star class 2:pilot
Actually i uploaded 75 design all design are in marketplace and also i affiliated on my marketplace design’s it looks like strange only one product sold out of 75 design. and i have one doubt how you gave me as a star class 2:pilot and in social media so my likes are coming to my design. I think it looks like strange.

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Selling only one product out of 75 designs can indeed be disheartening. There could be several reasons for this:

  • Quality of Designs: Are your designs meeting the quality standards expected by your target audience? Sometimes, despite putting in a lot of effort, designs may not resonate with potential buyers if they lack appeal or are not well-executed.
  • Market Demand: Are you offering designs that people actually want? It’s essential to research current trends, popular themes, and customer preferences to ensure your designs align with market demand.
  • Competitive Landscape: How do your designs compare to those of your competitors? If there are similar designs available at lower prices or higher quality, it may be challenging to attract customers.