Missing products on my spreadshop


Hello everyone and happy new year!

I have some questions regarding availability of some models for the shops:

I saw a lot of t shirt models not being available for my shop (legacy account from 2015)



I created a new Account and they are indeed available… is there a way to have these products appear on my old shop?


Hello, since you also wrote to our customer service you have already received a reply I was told :slight_smile:


Hello Lena;

The issue is still not resolved…

Customer service asked for the name of my shops; but basically all in my account are limited and not showing a lot of the new options - mostly from what I see, they are spreadshirt brand items!

My shops:

Is this due my account being a “legacy account” or can the items be activated?

Also, my account is from US (I think)

Thank you!



Is the .net and .com the same?

The customer service rep, linked me the product range from the .net address;

If I go to the .com site, the offerings are different…


You can see the product range available for your shops here: https://www.spreadshirt.com/partner-product-range/products/ ! :slight_smile:
Still a little confused as to which product exactly you’d like to see here.

Yes, at times the product offerings differ a little between our US and EU platform.