Multiple designs on a product



Has there been any movement on this? Really really really REALLY would love to have it as an option


No. However we will be able to provide more information on this topic by the end of November.


Any update? Would really like this feature.


Release is planned for February!


Do you know when in February this might be released i have a design I would like to do with it.


Mid - to end of February!


Any more updates on the feature yet?


We’re in the final testing week. Either we release by the end of this week or latest beginning of next week :slight_smile:


This is now possible:


It works great with two designs but I’m having some trouble getting three designs on it such as front back and side


Hi @BRJ5,

There is unfortunately currently a bug where it is possible to only place a design on the front and back. We’re working on a solution to fix this so it’ll be also possible to place them on either side!


I’m having issues placing a design on a zipper hoodie (men’s). It appears that you are able to, but it’s not allowing me to select anything I upload. I hope it’s possible to add an image to the hoodie, otherwise this item is a non-seller. Attached a screenshot of the message.

Also, how do you save customizations? It is very unmotivating to have to re-create it for every product…



Ah, now I see the duplicated issue!

Are you trying to upload a pixel design to the sleeve of the hoodie?
Or are you trying to place a pixel design on the front of the zip hoodie?

If so, both options are not available. Both print areas only allow vector images for flex/flock printing.
This is due to the practical fact that our printing machines cannot bypass a zipper with their printing heads.
It´s like trying write on a piece of wood with a typewriter :confused:


Hi Thomas,
Apologies for taking so long to get back to you. So I tried to upload a svg version of the logo and I am getting an error saying that it needs to be “svg” format, but the file is definitely svg. Any ideas why it is getting this error? Attached a screenshot (I remembered this time)



Can you please send your svg file to so our design team from customer service can have a look at your file? Thanks!



I’m getting an error message when I try to create a product with multiple designs. Not sure why. I’ve included screenshots. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I attempted to redo the entire design, now it won’t allow me to resize my vector image to the size shown on the screenshot below. However, when I try this design layout on a T-Shirt design, It allows me to resize the image and there is NO error message.


Certain products can only be printed with flex print. In order to print in Flex we always need a vector file that fulfills certain requirements:

  • Your design must not exceed 15 x 15 inches. We recommend 11 x 11 inches as the ideal size.
  • Lines and other parts of the design must have a diameter of at least 0.06 inches .
  • Maximum 3 colors: we can print up to three colors when plotter printing.

It seems like the design you are trying to place on your products is too small to be printed in flex and that this product only allows for flex printing. Therefore you’re receiving this error message!
The t-shirt also allows for digital prining where the issue doesn’t occur.


Thanks for your response. Am I correct in assuming that the “Unisex Fleece Zip Hoodie”
(ProductID-ArticleID 1047395894-110820355) allows for Digital Direct printing whereas the Men’s Zip Hoodie didn’t? or is this a glitch?

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Both allow for digital printing on the back but both require flex printing on the front and on the sleeves!