My credits for my sales

I have made close to 400 sales in last 2 weeks but still have not received any credit. Can somebody please explain this to me.

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The payout of your credits will be monthly. The payout for all orders that where send AND sold in july was on august 17th.
Your orders of the last 2 weeks will probably be send AND sold within this month so you’ll gett the payout for those orders middle of next month.

I had a short look into your orders - they still dont have the status Send and therefore they dont appear in the credits-view but already in the sales-view. You must have a little patience.

How did u make 400 sales?? And what was your design?

My advice would be to reach out to the platform’s support team, explain the situation, and ask for clarification. They’re usually super helpful and responsive. And don’t worry too much, your hard work will pay off! Keep up the great job on those sales, and I’m sure the credits will come through soon.

First off, I just wanna say congrats on those 400 sales in two weeks, that’s seriously impressive! Now, about the credits, it can be a bit puzzling when things like that happen. I’m not an expert, but here’s what I think might be going on: Sometimes, credit processing can take a bit longer, especially if there’s a high volume of sales. It’s possible that the system is catching up.

Try taking advice from Mortgage Broker in Northampton. I think you will have a better chance of getting an answer to your question. When I first started, I didn’t receive credit for some sales right away, and it had me worried.