My designs not showing in market place while searching is that mean my designs not released

My designs not showing in market place while searching is that mean my designs not released??? My shop I’d is 101016881

Hey @Aayushi19,

4 of your 9 designs are already available on the .com marketplace.
5 of your designs where marked by the pre-check-system and therefore are not yet online. Probably because of copyright issues.
For more information please contact the colleagues at

Thanks for reply…How can I see my designs by searching…kindly help…I am a beginner🙂

Just search for the tags you gave the designs.
I searched for “yoga,smart,attractive” and found your design on first position.
For your other design “Beach T-Shirt” you used very generic tags. And every tag also included the word “t-shirt”. Try to avoid the product itself in the tags. You put your design also on hoodies and bags - so the term t-shirt in the tags doesnt make sense. It also confuses the search because the search will always end up on a t-shirt-list with this searchterm.
You should also use more tags in general - for example you could describe the style, the colors, name the main designelements of that design, use synonyms and so on.



you’re welcome. Let me know if you need further help. We are also happy about any feedback and improvement wishes.

Many of my designs are pending for market place… kindly help for the same … and why I am not earned yet I uploaded many design…?

Many of my designs are not showing still pending for approval in market place kindly help

Hey @Aayushi19,

I answered your issue here:

Ok thanks for reply kindly answer one more question that why some of my designs rejected what are the reason of rejection and why my bigfoot design preview only shows sticker in market place although I have made it for t-shirt also.

For those questions you have to contact our colleagues at
You should also provide the designIDs of the menioned designs.

Hi how can I put my merch for sale

Hi @jennna,

for merch you should use our shop solution. Within your partnerarea you can see a little plus-symbol on the left sidenavigation. There you can add a shop as a point of sale.
Merch can not be offered on our marketplace - so this is just not the right point of sale for those designs.

My designs are also not showing on marketplace search. How do I tell if they are pending or if I have to set up my shop differently. I read all the replies here and am not finding any help with my specific situation. This is my shop

Hi @Judyfair,

You have to publish your designs on the markeptlace as well. If you only published them for your Spreadshop, they can´t be found on the marketplace.


My Designs won’t come up in shop when i type in my name…it says NO RESULTS. Please HELP

Ahoy @WJ180,

first of all: Your only uploaded Design is on our marketplace and also in your shop (WJ 180):

Second: The quality of your design is quite low. It only has 348px x 717px. Your Designs should have at least 1000 pixel on the smaller side but optimum would be 4000 px on the larger side. This way customers can also scale your design up.

Third: Your Design is not suitable for our marketplace in general. We normally reject merch-designs like logos for our marketplace as this is not something our customers are looking for. Merch-Designs should only be published in your shop.

Fourth: You also have a second shop ( WJ 1800) and there you did not have published this design - so it cant appear there. Go to your design, click on Edit on the Sales Channels-tab and add your second shop as well.

Fifht: Please enter metadata for all your designs. currently your design has not a name nor a description (see screenshot).

Kind regards

Dear Rico,

I would be very grateful if you may kindly assist me regarding my approved designs are not appear and published in the marketplace. Not only that, my shop name is also do not appear on the search bar of spreadshirt.

My Shop ID is: 1241865

Kindly assist me in this matter. Thank you

I am a pattern designer so I want to sell patterns on this marketplace, but only a few products like phone cases and masks support adding patterns on them, unlike t-shirts and hoodies.
My question is, is it possible for me to sell well with these minimal products on the marketplace? or should I make other designs too for t-shirts and hoodies etc??