Need to be able to edit designs after finalizing, and copy/paste tags

OK, so at first I was told my design was, “Rights Unaccounted.” This has since been changed to Marketplace Standards. It is a QR code that I had the idea to put on the back of my designs, so that anyone with a camera would be able to scan that and go right to my spreadshop.

I have fixed things by figuring out how to make the QR code have a transparent background, as in the email reply I was told, “Your design has been rejected due to containing a full-area background.”

All good so far, Right? WRONG! Because I can not simply replace my old QR code with the new one. I have to go through EACH and EVERY design, copy paste all tags, titles, info into a new design that uses the new QR code.

THEN I have to go through EACH and EVERY item I am putting the design on, resize, edit colors, edit product selection, etc. etc.

It would be FAR easier if I could simply edit the two designs I used in this multiple area design, keeping everything as it is and only swapping out the new QR code.

So that is my feature request. FULL editing of a design, even after it has been finished and submitted. Should be able to swap out all the elements of a design on the fly.

Second feature request is a way to copy and paste tags,

Back to work…

This I will pass it along and will get back to you!

This won’t get implemented as we’ve seen a massive decrease in the quality of tags in allowing copy&paste!

Hey @DreamBliss,

before you put too much effort in the new productcreation let me give you an advice: We cant allow personal content on our marketplace. This includes url-links and also QR-Codes - which is just another type of link. So your new design with transparent background will get rejected again for the marketplace.
But for your Shop its totaly ok - so you just need to switch off the Marketplace for the point of sale and use the Shop only.
Thereby you even dont need to create everything from the start and you can use your first allready uploaded design (but only in shop :wink: ).

That seems like a strange policy, because how would someone know who created the original design, and how would they find this individual so they could see their other designs? I do not understand this policy. Please explain it to me.

Essentially you are cutting off one way design creators can get people into their SpreadShop, by telling them they can not, in any way, advertise or point to their SpreadShop in their designs.

Thank you for your replies and help so far,

Hey @DreamBliss,

allthough it is permitted to show a link to your shop on a marketplacedesign there is an option how the customer gets to your “showroom” or your Shop.

As you can see in the attached screenshot you will find the designername below the designname.
If you click on it you will get to the showroom of this designer, which only shows his/her designs.

You will also find a small link-symbol (I marked it) which leads to the shop.

I hope this helps. Dont hesitate to ask further questions if something else is unclear.
Best Rico

OK, that definitely helps with customers on the site. No way allowed for your Marketplace designs to advertise your SpreadShop, so you can have people wearing your design to advertise for you. But at least if someone likes a design in the Marketplace, they can get to the designer’s page. I appreciate that, and thank you for your reply.

In the Market Standards part of the rejection reason page it says that you can’t have links because, “Those designs are of no interest to Marketplace buyers and hold next to no sales opportunities.” That seems to be blatantly incorrect. Because if someone likes the t-shirt you’re wearing, they will want to know where to get their own. Which is both interest and sales opportunities.

I have people complimenting me on my t-shirts all the time. There is always interest in where I got the shirt. So I want to know who made this decision, based on what research? Because I think it should be challenged.

You’re right and wrong at the same time.
The idea is that you as a shopowner do your marketing by your own - so there you are able to print QR-Codes or whatever on all products.

The Marketplace standards on the other hand also apply for the “Create your own” Section where the customers are able to build a design out of all uploaded designs. So if everyone would add a link to the design you would end up with a created design that includes several links and QR-codes.
Also on the Marketplace the customer don’t want to see a link within the design when he allready has the oppotunity to find the content from the chosen designer.

But however - in both cases the best and also most common way to find out where someone got the shirt from is to ask. If you wear a Shop-Shirt you can easily refer to the link and if you wear a Marketplace shirt you can refer to the marketplace.

OK, so to be clear… The actual reason links are not allowed to be added is because it is assumed everyone would add their own link or personal material to a design?

That means any design I submit which is accepted to the Marketplace can be altered or changed in some way, correct?

In other words, if this rule did not exist and I created a design that had my design on the front, and my QR code on the back, and this was available in the Marketplace, buyers could add extra information to the back or front?

If this is the case, it seems like I, as the designer, should be able to check or uncheck an option on each of my designs as to whether or not buyers could add extra info. Problem solved.

Because have you ever stood in front of someone, and said, “Hey, since you like this, if you go to and get more of my designs! Here, let me write this down for you…”

Both you and I know that few if any people would go home and manually type out this address. Getting their phone from them to type it in is a bit too personal an interaction for some. But a code they can scan, that you can show them on the back of your shirt, now that is quick and painless.

Advertising within SpreadShirt is fine, but there is a lot of missed opportunity out there in the real world. Heck, it’s even hard to get people to click your SpreadShop link on the web! But when you are wearing the item, and faced with someone who likes it out there in the world, you have a real chance for a sale if all they have to do is scan a QR code.

I recommend seriously revising and reworking this aspect of the system.

Ahoy @DreamBliss

That means any design I submit which is accepted to the Marketplace can be altered or changed in some way, correct?

No - that’s not correct: your design can’t be changed on the Marketplace or in the Create your Own section, but other designs from other Partners and Text can be added.

buyers could add extra information to the back or front?


If this is the case, it seems like I, as the designer, should be able to check or uncheck an option on each of my designs as to whether or not buyers could add extra info. Problem solved.

This is an option you have in your shop - but not on the marketplace.

The Marketplace is just a different businessmodel (more customer oriented) and you have the free choice on which point of sale you want to publish your content. The advantages and features you want and ask for your design, you all have in the shop. Seems that the marketplace is just not the right place for your ideas.

And back to the QR-Code designs: you can still sell them in our Shop.
The benefits of the marketplace on the other hand is of course a bigger visibility, the higher visit-volumes and that we manage the marketing for fitting content.