Nested Categories


Hello Folks;

I was wondering if there were any plans in the future for adding nested categories?

For example I have 10 designs for March Madness that I would like to include in one generic March Madness Category that is home to 10 sub-categories for each of the 10 designs that are about March Madness.

This would come in useful for the Holidays and Special Events; especially if there were an additional option that would allow one to move these major categories to the top of the listings when a holiday or event was on the calendar.


Just so I understand you correctly:

You have a Shop with several topics. One of them is March Madness where you have 10 designs. Why would you need 10 sub-topics for each design?

If htere is a special occasion like Holidays or another special event then you can just create another topic next to March Madness, can’t you?

Not sure I understand where the sub-topics would come in handy…?


Hi Lena;

What I’m saying I have 10 different design around mach madness with each being it’s own category.

Then these would be placed under a general march madness category, as such:

Main Category March Madness
Sub-category march madness design 01
Sub-category march madness design 02
Sub-category march madness design 03
Sub-category march madness design 04
Sub-category march madness design 05

Sub-category march madness design 10

This would give more SEO weight to the march madness category or Christmas category or July 4th category and when these seasons or events take place you can move that main category to the top of the website; so it’s the first thing a potential customer sees and for ppc ads the quality score would go up for keyphrases targeting that event or holiday.

I hope this clarifies things.