New career - swing trader

Hi all. I used to sell 20 shirts per day at my peak in 2010. The most I made was $2300 in a month that year. I used to celebrate and dance to rap music every time my sales went up back then. But then the sales went down starting in 2013 and I started looking for more ways to make money. My best guess is that there was more and more competition from other POD’s. I looked into multiple different new careers (creating music, creating comic books, writing, etc.). But now I’m doing swing trading from my home computer. It’s perfect for me and it makes me really happy. Most people are bad at investing and trading securities (i.e. stocks, commodities, currencies, etc.) and lose money, but I discovered I’m one of the few who are good at it. I just felt like posting one last message. So yeah, I’m done with trying to pursue some kind of artistic career. As they said in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” So long and thanks for all the fish."