New Commisionmodell


as you have surely noticed, we will introduce a new commission model this year at march 2nd to become more competitive on the one hand and more price transparent on the other.
You can find more detailed information in the blog and in the updated FAQs. We are aware that these are big changes for you, but at the same time this new model also offers new opportunities, especially in perspective of other products. We would like to ask you to give feedback in a constructive way and with the big picture in mind. Thanks a lot.

For all Shop related questions please contact our colleagues from the Shop forum:

other sites already do this and i don’t make shit from them. plus its super shady that you’re making sweatshirts such a large commission when the weather is about to get warm and basically no one will be buying them. this site used to be great but every time u make a change u just screw me.

Can you please explain some of your statements? They are what is called forward looking statements. I am talking about Marketplace. First, based on what are you calling new scheme fair? $3 for any design regardless of how involved it may be that becomes $2 with 30% promotion. Second, with this new setup you claim future increased sales. Is it based on some research that we can see or just hope?

I am asking this because there are some other PODs that constantly are reducing designer’s royalties (Zazzle in particular) and falsely promising increased sales with every cut. Most PODs are treating designers as a commodity these days. It is your business and you can run it any way you wish. I understand that. Just curious.

Ahoy @SymbolGrafix,

Of course, we cannot publish concrete figures here. Nevertheless, there have of course been well-founded calculations, but they always - and this is common practice - are based on justified assumptions and experience.
Furthermore, the determination of the new commission does not affect the vast majority, because most marketplace designers already have set their commission to $3 or lower anyway. They will probably profit by new sales with lowprice-products such as buttons, mugs (and in the future with stickers as well).

You also have to separate the marketplace-model from the shop-model. For the shops every partner has the full controll of the productprices.

For the marketplace we decided to go this way because we as a company have to pay a lot for the whole traffic, the marketing, SEO and SEM that every marketplacedesigner profits from. For the Shops - the shoppartners have to generate this traffic by their own - therefore the pricemodel is different.

I hope this helps a little bit to understand.