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By the way! You can change your Username for the Forum in the Account Settings of your Partner Area :slight_smile:


@Lena_Spreadshop Thanks! I tried doing it a little while ago, does it take a day to update?


Takes some time - but it works now :-)!


Hi, I’m Colette and I live in New York. I’m a travel blogger and am interested in offering products with my brand logo on them. I have already uploaded a few in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day. My blog is I’m also thinking of offering some t-shirt without the logo since my brand is virtually unknown, but it is growing.

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New member (obviously)

• I’m Jason aka “dabuzzkiller”
• I live near San Francisco
• I’m a front end developer and avid gamer
• Relatively new user to Spreadshirt

I have some questions regarding customizing products. Is there a detailed reference available? Your help content is a bit lacking…I will post my questions in a separate thread.!



Hi! I’m Richard aka Chromatics a Hip-Hop artist based in Trinidad.

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Hi @Sara my name is Mariam and I’m 28-year-old, I’m from Morocco.i’m very happy that’s i’m one of Spreadshirt members.


Hi. I’m Mark.
Artist and musician from Los Angeles


I am new here! But, this actually looks like a great site to really get merch off the ground in a cool way. I hope to learn more by being a part of the community.
Chuckie Campbell

:spreadshirt: :spreadshop: ! Read Me First ! :spreadshop: :spreadshirt:

Hi , I’m Thanill. I just came in.
Please Teach me too Im seller design.


Hello my name is David. I’m from San Diego, California (born and raised). I’m a multidisciplinary creative and self transformation coach who in recent months became a Spreadshop owner! In my free time, I watch movies and dabble in digital music production. I’m glad to be a part of the community!


Welcome everyone. Happy to see you on our forum!

    1. I am Gaurav From Delhi,India.
    1. I have worked in Textiles industry in Exports for nearly 20 yrs and plan to make online selling
      as my full time job.
    1. Recently joined and working hard to make this association successful.
    1. In my free time ,I search for new and interesting products on Amazon and other websites
      which i can sell.
      • Affiliate marketing is going to be another revenue stream for me.
        Look forward to be in touch with all for help and advice.


Hi! I’m Ashia, and I live in Atlanta, GA.

When I’m not tinkering with my spreadshirt shop, I’m educating students and doing social media marketing.


Hi, Jenny from Michigan, just signed up today, hoping to post questions in the right spot as soon as I can. Thanks in advance.


Hi, I am french Canadian, precisely a Quebecer. Happy to be part of this group. Loving to create art and I hope to see people wearing clothes with some of my creations on it.


HI everyone! Welcome. Let us know if you have any questions! We’re happy to help :slight_smile: :sunny:


Hi All,
My name is Jeff and I live just north of New York, New York.
I’m very new to Spreadshirt and look forward to learning more.
I’m pretty busy with work and kids and that is where Spreadshirt comes in.
I would like to setup a simple shop that brings in some additional money and allows me to free up some time.
I’m not an artist so I will not be creating my own original content.
I look forward to learning from you all.