"New" Product Designer Issues

I initially came here to the forum to ask if anyone else was having difficulty with the new and “improved” product designer, but with seeing the post about the end of flock/flex printing, I’m not sure it matters in my case, as I think I’ll need to look for a new printing source… Perhaps my challenges can be addressed for the new process and moving forward, though.

Here’s what I’m experiencing, and hating:

  • No ability to change colors of text inline. That is, have different colors of text on the same line without having to create a new text box, which leads to:
  • Having multiple text boxes to create a single line of text makes formatting and moving text ridiculously frustrating, if not impossible.
  • No undo option. Seriously?! This is annoying AF in general, but especially now that the new designer:
  • Changes the color of my print so that it “looks better” on my product, and there’s no way to undo it!!

The last thing blows my mind. I KNOW that the colors may be close to the shirt color, and sometimes that is intentional. If anything, pop up a box that I have to click away to !WARN! me that the colors might not show as well, but for chrissakes DON’T change my colors, especially if I don’t have a way to get them back! I have group logos that are specific colors that I like to quickly test how they might look like on various color shirts before I finalize a design. Changing my colors to something arbitrary is ridiculous!

If this designer is only going to be in use for the remaining time that flex/flock printing is available, then I understand not taking the effort to fix it, however if this is the product designer moving forward, then it really, really needs to be more user friendly and functional.