Ordered items for over $35'000 in the past and never got a volume discount :(

Dear Spreadshirt

i am ordering my items and sell them trough another channel, which i know is not the usual “model”.
Since the last 2 years i ordered items for over 35’000$ and never got any volume discount (as i logically do not order with a commission applied to my items).

Is there any chance to get a sign of loyalty from Spreadshirt or is this income still counted as “peanuts” for Spreadshirt?

Thank you


Hi @GTO-Clothing, why did you not order via our normal customer channels? The volume discount does not apply to our Shops, you must have seen this from the start, didn’t you? Or did you just realize this now? You should order via https://www.spreadshirt.com/custom/clothing to take advantage the volume discount.

Hello Lena

i think you misunderstood my point/case. If i am a Spreadshop owner and sell a certain amount of items, i will get a volume discount, right? BUT this only applies IF i sell items which do have a commission on it. For this to work i would have to make it very complicated for me and for Spreadshirt.

  1. Adding a commission to all my products.
  2. Buying my own products and paying my own commission to Spreadshirt.
  3. Spreadshirt has to calculate my commission and release a payout back to me.
  4. This is like carry coals to Newcastle ( Wasser in den Rhein schütten).

This is why i am saying, i minimize the work amount for Spreadshirt and get like a penalty for it.

I hope i made my explanation a bit clearer now :slight_smile:



P.S. Basically i am doing exact what you offer now for Shopify owners, just that i have to pay way more for the items: see here: Calling all current and future Shopify store users! Hoping to take advantage of Spreadshirt’s print-on-demand (POD) services?

Hello Daniel,
i see there´s a unfortunate misunderstanding of how our commission model works.
Let me make a clear distinction between what is called a volume discount and what our volume comission for Shop Owners is about.

Volume discounts are not part of Spreadshop´s pricing structure.
They are currently available for Spreadshirt’s customer channels (Marketplace & Create Your Own tool)
With the launch of SPOD, volume discounts will be available for partners using that new service.

The Volume Commission (VC) is part of Spreadshop’s commission model. Depending on sales, we pay Shop owners a VC if at least 26 of their products are sold in one month. But it is connected to the Affiliate Commission (AC).

By checking your account I noticed that you have deactivated the option to earn AC and therefore did not benefit from our volume commission on top. :frowning:

The AC was introduced for exact the use case that you have mentioned within your other comment.
We pay AC to honor our Shop Owner´s efforts of bringing traffic to shops.

As you have actively chosen to opt-out from the earning options and have created a very unique workaround for selling your products, I cannot offer you any kind of belated bonus. Even if I am honestly very impressed by the ammount of work you have put into your brand and the success you have driven.

Hello Thomas

thank you for your answers. I am not sure if it does make any sense to discuss this further in the Forum and maybe you could get in touch with me by email or let me know whom i could contact for this matter.

Believe me, i understood the VC Volume Commission perfectly, i might just have used the wrong terms here. I always meant the VC model in first place. I’ll try again to explain why i HAD to opt out:

  • If VC is enabled, i have to order my own items with a commission added to the net price.
  • I pay Spreadshirt a commission on my own items on every single order
  • Spreadshirt has to collect this commission and refund it back to me at the end of each month.

That being said, this would only increase work load for Spreadshirt and myself as of:

  • Transferring money from A to B and back from B to A causing manpower and fees for bank transactions.

Furthermore i save Spreadshirt resources and manpower by:

  • Not using your bandwith as customers will not visit Spreadshop
  • Each order will have the same billing account and contact person as i order and pay them myself
  • Minimize the amount of Email support from customers as i handle all this and only contact Spreadshirt if theres a “real” error with the order
  • handle copyright and DMCA requests (if there are any) by myself as i sell the items on my own page not related to Spreadshirt.
  • As this where not enough i offer Spreadshirt, i even have to accept that i do not get VC or can apply to SPOD (as this exactly 100% the same as you offer there).

I really hope you see the point i am talking about and that this is just not fair and Spreadshirt could look into it to offer me a fair model which all other VC and SPOD partners receive while they even use way more Spreadshirt resources.

Please let me know why i should keep working with Spreadshirt (yes, i am happy with the items and quality) and not move to a place where i earn the same amount as others and furthermore being treated like a partner or customer?

As mentioned above, i am more then happy to discuss this with the person in charge (or you for sure) by email.

Best regards


Thanks Daniel, for your valuable feedback.
While you have an interesting business model, it is unfortunately not the business model for which our service and commission structure was built.
In the future, we will take your suggestions into consideration when we make changes in the way our commission is handled. Thanks for being such a loyal and creative shop owner.

Now i’m really confused. What is then the difference between my “model” and the Shopify SPOD model if i may ask?

Thank you Thomas

Hello Thomas

seems like i will not get any further or a “partner like” answer on this matter and Spreadshirt is not in the position to be dependant on my money?

BTW: Ordered items for $2’000 in the last 2 weeks alone

Daniel, you are running your business completely off the way a Spreadshop is thought to run.
Your business model is a classic dropshipping use case which we did not support until the release of SPOD beta.
That´s why I´d strongly suggest you to take advantage of this service, as it perfectly suits the way you are operating your brand.

The Spreadshop is offering an all-in-one solution that combines an ownstanding e-commerce channel that includes production, payment and shipping, plus a supreme customer service. The whole busines model is build around these services. This also includes the commission model that was build to ensure an profitable income for every successful shop owner.
It is not intendet to only use our production line. That´s why we came up with the SPOD solution, as an ownstanding product.

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Hello Thomas

I do understand, that Spreadshirt’s VC is not exactly what i can profit from. What questions me more is the fact, that SPOD is exactly what i am doing, BUT unfortunately, i can’t do this trough Shopify. Around 90% of Web shops are built on Wordpress and Woocommerce so is mine.

As it looks, i will have to A. keep paying 5$ more for a shirt compared to Shopify user and hope for a Woocommerce solution (as you already have the API in place) or B. to move to a competitor (which i am trying to avoid).

So, the decision is mine, i know and i just thought Spreadshirt could/would see a chance to offer the same prices for everyone doing the same thing and bringing money to you.

Thank you for your time Thomas



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Unfortunately we cannot come up with a solution C in any near future. (Which does not say, that we won´t offer a woocommerce plugin at all. It’ll take some time to get the SPOD thing running and proven.)

I have never received a volume commission either even though between ALL OF MY SHOPS I think I have sold at least 26 items in one month… maybe not… but maybe it only applies “per shop” and not all my shops combined… I have several shops… this is a little bit disappointing - clarification on this? Thank you.

can you please get in contact with our lovely Partner Service? I am sure they than clarify if you have already qualified for VC payments, or at least find an explantion while you have not recieved any, yet.