Payment data & tax status section for legacy user area partners



I can’t find any section called the “Payment data & tax status section” There is nothing that is labelled this on the web page for my account. Your instructions aren’t clear. Where is this section? Tell me exactly where to go and what to click on and what exactly it’s called. You have to write clearly and explicitly for me to know what to do.

The following is what spreadshirt said on the “submitting your tax forms” web page:

“If you’re a Legacy User Area Partner, you will NOT see this box on your dashboard. Instead, you should keep an eye on the Payment data & tax status section of your dashboard following each payout. This will alert you if the forms need to be resubmitted.”


Please click on “Account Settings” on the top right then below “Personal Information” you will find when scrolling down as the last option “Payment data & tax status”

You need to send a filled out W9 form to


Why couldn’t you send us a note about this change? You don’t treat us legacy members well at all.
At one time we were core of your operation. No guidance of any kind. Many POD outfits upgrade their operations and tools but they don’t do it with ax. All members stay integrated with the system. What should we do? Open new accounts? Can you provide any advice please.


In the EU they now charge you withholding tax even with a valid US or Canadian TIN apparently, which is new and sucks entirely. Another change that flew under the wire.


Which change do you mean? We informed you in December about re-submitting your forms here:


You are assuming that everybody is reading all your blog posts. An email would be much better. And what about us legacy people, how do we get in on posters and new interface in general?


We also sent you a mail concerning this topic on December 5th. Moreover you also see the current topic on our blog on your dashboard.
How should we contact you in your opinion?

As said here:

What’s in Store for 2019?

Similar to 2018, we’re planning a whole lot of Spreadshop changes for the upcoming year. You can look forward to inclusions like a new “about us” page and the ability to create products with designs on multiple print areas. Plus, for legacy user area Shop owners, we’ll be migrating you to the partner area. More information on this exciting project will be coming soon.

With the migration you’ll be able to then also create posters and use the new statistics page etc.
Here we will also inform you via Mail and in our Blog.

Maybe you are not subscribed to our Partner Newsletter? It kind of sounds like it… (if yes, then you should subscribe again to be able to receive all important information. When it comes to partner communication we do not spam you with unnecessary stuff, trust me!)


Thank you Lena