Pixelation with DTG?


I’m converting my vector art to raster for printing with DTG. I read that the printer first puts down a white base, suggesting that edges anti-aliased on a transparent background aren’t going to come out well.

My art is all black. If I eliminate intermediate transparencies (anti-aliasing at the edges), is the art going to come out looking pixelated on the shirt (at 200 dpi)? Seems like this might especially be a problem with text.

Should I figure out how to make the edges dithered? (I use Affinity Photo/Designer.)

Thanks for your help!


maybe @Julia-Spreadshirt can help you out?


Do you have an example? I have never worked with the Affinity programs but maybe we can find a solution.


Thanks Julia and Thomas.

I got my hands on a shirt that was DTG-printed. I’m now thinking that at 200 dpi one would never notice pixelation at the edges, that there is no need to dither to emulate anti-aliasing.

Am I right? If not, I’ll ask over on the Affinity forums how to do this. Thanks!


From my experience, I´d say hands off from gradients and transparencies. Everything else that comes with a high contrast works fine. :ok_hand:t2: