Please add Performance Moisture Wick apparel!


You only offer like 4 colors of the short sleeve shirts that are performance. ADD MORE COLORS!! Red, Green, Yellow, Orange ect…

Furthermore, you have ZERO for long sleeve shirts. Running shirts and moisture wicking are the new big thing right now!! How spreadshirt doesn’t see this and offer this for everyone is beyond me. First they screwed up with the money shops can make a year ago with commissions, now they are offering even less. Please, we are BEGGING YOU… add more colors on your short sleep shirts for performance gear, and add long sleep options as well as performance tanks! Shouldn’t take us telling you this, they are the #1 selling gear on the market right now.


We currently have the following moisture wick performance products:

The men’s product offers now 6 colours. Based on current sales, we will most likely add more colors to potentially a long sleeve and tank version but the soonest those will come will be Q1 of next year.


Yes… you have only 1 option for men and women… WE KNOW!! And ONLY available in Black, Blue, and White. GET WITH THE PROGRAM SPREADSHIRT!! You’re losing out on MILLIONS of dollars by not allowing stores to sell long sleeve wick material shirts. Under Armor is killing it right now. Why wouldn’t you offer something??? Runners, athletes and normal gym rats are begging for these shirts with designs on them and you’re forcing myself and others to go somewhere else. It’s not too hard for you to simply offer MORE colors in the 1 wick garment you have, and add a LONG sleeve option with colors. Please!! For the love of god add this!!