Print quality of shirts. Anyone else have this problem?

I purchased one of my recent designs and I’m shocked by the poor quality. I’ve only washed it 3 or 4 times and the image is basically gone. I’m concerned about the quality of the product my customers have been purchasing. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it time to switch to another company? What do you think? I’ve included an image of the shirt to show you. I believe it’s unacceptable.

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ugh! I know right! the quality is pretty shitty now. I order in February a black sweatshirt with white text and the white was soooo fade that if i wash it 3 times the design is going to be gone, then in July I ordered another black sweatshirt and a t-shirt with again a white design and yet again the print was so hideous on both that I’m embarrassed that my customers are getting this shitty quality

Hey @MoreByJamiePreston and @PMOTPD,

could you give me the designIDs and perhaps also the orderID to see what happened? And a screeshot of the mentioned product could be also very helpful.

Hey! I’m trying to start a brand and I made all my designs a png with a clear background and ordered one to see how it would come out and the image is not vibrant at all and looks very pixely. I’m not sure how to fix this problem. I also can’t manage to put the designs on the sleeve. Could you please help me?

Hi @User_NA-ef068d52,

Please check out our help page for more informations on the optimization of pixel files:


Could this be a problem when choosing a font?

Hi @User_NA-ae6b8056,

what do you mean?

Hey @User_NA-ef068d52,

currently I cant see any problems with your designs. But if you want to improve the printing result you should increase the resolution/ the pixelsize of your designs. Regarding the colors I cant say anything as I dont have the comparison with the testprint. You could provide a foto and explain what you are unsatisfied with.
In general you cant compare a screendesign and a print 1:1 as the lights and coplors you see are emitted differently. On screen you have the rgb-mode and the print is in cmyk. CMYK is never this vibrant as RGB.

Regarding the sleeves printareas: on these printareas only flexprint is possible. Vectorfiles are needed and pixelfiles wont work.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need further information.

Best Rico

Yes. I have several Spreadshirt tees. The print started coming off on the second washing. Very poor durability.