Printing White?



I just uploaded a vector (svg) and one of the three colors in my design is white. I figure this will contrast nicely with darker color shirts it is going on. However, while the white part shows in the design when I upload it, it doesn’t show on the preview of the shirt. Can I use white or another light color (also tried a really light blue).

Thanks, Rob


Hiya, I’ll see if I can get our printing specialist @Julia-Spreadshirt to offer her two cents. Stay tuned!


Hey Rob, sometimes white parts in vector files get delted in our automatic vector check. This normally removes white backgrounds that our partner sometimes forget to delate after the vectorisation.

Yeah but nothing is perfect and so sometimes also white parts of the designs get lost. You can prevent this if you use a light grey or other light color when uploading the design.
Later when you create a product you can change the color to white.