Printing with 3+ areas?

Hi, I’m trying to design merch for a new single I’ll be putting out in the near future—I have some really cool ideas but the Spreadshirt designer isn’t cooperating with me. I want to have a primary design on the front of a crewneck sweater, and have a different design on each sleeve. The designer will let me pick two designs, whether it’s one on the front and one on one sleeve, or two designs on just the sleeves, but as soon as I try to introduce all three, I get the message “These designs can’t be combined. Please change your selection.”

All of my designs are just black, the design on the front has been both png, AI, and SVG, the sleeves are SVG. Can anyone please help me out here. This doesn’t seem like it should be difficult. Why can’t I do a design on the front, and one on each sleeve?

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Hey @User_NA-21ad7155,

this is a bug we have with the sleeves. I don’t know when this will be fixed but our colleagues already know about this issue and try to fix it soon.


Hoping a fix comes soon…single is coming out in just a few months and was hoping for a merch drop on the release day of the track…checking to see if the bug is fixed almost every day. Willing to be patient but I hope that this is high on the priority list for bugs being fixed, as designs with front and sleeve designs are pretty common and this merch drop is quite important!

Hey @User_NA-21ad7155,

unfortunatly the prio for this bug is not as high as you wish it to be.
You could try to offer some other products such as hoodies?
Sorry to have no better news for you.

This was posted 2 years ago now, in 2020. It’s 2022, and I’m expiring this bug today.

This is NOT a case of “the prio for this bug is not as high as you wish it to be”. This is a case of “no one is working on this bug; no one has any intention of working on this bug.”

When is this going to be fixed? I have a big order that needs to go in, and short turn-around time. You have competitors who don’t have this problem. You’ve eliminated Spreadshirt as an option – I HAVE to use them instead.

Hey @johnmarinville

the bug was already fixed last year - I just forgot to answer. Sorry about that.

Best Rico