Problem with my design

hi, It appears in the design after I remove the white background: some slightly white in the edges.
Also sometimes the shape after deleting the white background has some confusion when the screen is enlarged.
What is the solution to these two problems?
How can the design be enlarged to include almost the entire t-shirt?
I use (paint 3d) in the design.

Ahoy @anwar6965 ,

can you please take a screenshot so that I understand what exactly you mean?
How do you remove the background? I don’t know Paint very well and would advise you to use Gimp or Photoshop because you can work in layers.

Greetings Rico

When the screen is zoomed too close (200%) to draw there is some noise, does it affect?

Seems that the background is not fully removed from your design.
If you work with gimp or photoshop you could mask the design and just copy it to another empty layer, remove the original layer and save the png with transparent background.

But in the current status the design will probably be rejected due to quality issues.


Thank you so much.