Product feed submitted to Google Shopping Ads says Insufficienct product identifiers

I submitted the product feed for my shop HeadYourMind to Google Shopping Ads. Prior to submitting, I changed the url of all my products from spreadshirt’s domain to my custom domain. This is the only change i made.

After submitting, I got 2 errors:

  1. Insufficient product identifiers: Missing two out of three attributes[GTIN,brand,mpn]

The brand attribute is there. That means, GTIN or mpn for each product have to be submitted.

  1. Invalid or missing required attribute: age group

Obviously these attributes are missing from Spreadshirt’s product feed. There must have been other shop owners who have raised this issue in the past. What do i do now?


I just noticed that there’s one more error: Missing required attribute: size


  1. Google requires two out of three attributes for non clothing items. I fixed this by removing non clothing items from my feed.

  2. I added <g:age_group>adult</g:age_group> to the remaining clothing items in my feed, as i sell adult clothing only, so that’s fixed too.

  3. Regarding: Missing required attribute: size, Spreadshirt should do something to fix this. The way to fix this is to add all variations of items by size grouping them by the same group id. Cmon guys, you have done it for color, you guys can do it for size too.

The feed is just useless without these being fixed. I hope the developers of Spreadshirt can do this soon so that i can start running google shopping ads soon.



Thanks for all this reporting & info! Very valuable for us, thanks. I’ve forwarded it and as a first answer: we are working on it and the product feed will improve :slight_smile:

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Great! I am looking to advertise via Google shopping ads. If you could add the size attribute soon, I can start. What do you say? Wait for the developers to get this fixed or should I start by fixing the feed on my own? By fixing on my own, I mean to say I can for example add size: medium to all my clothing products and change the URL of the product. It’s good that you guys fix this. Imagine shop holders being able to advertise via Google shopping ads. Your revenues will sky rocket!

Hey Chirayu,

how many of your articles are affected by this warning?
We´ve seen that there is a high chance that more than 50% of the listed items will be accepted.
(please ignore errors that come from non-sizeable products like bags, mugs)

We know this is a bit confusing but it isn’t super bad at all. Your feed lists every possible product-color-size combination. So the majority of all products you have manually set up should be covered.

Can you post a screenshot from the diagnostics site or the statistic at all?

Overall, from my understanding it is worth to already upload your feed to the Merchant Center, as it´s going to be updated regularly, depending on your settings. When we release changes the next synchprocess will update the data automatically. And this implies also that the updated version will be forwarded to your Google AdWords.

From this point Shopping Ads are already possible. Even because there is a high chance, that people do not search for a keyword, combined with a shirt size.

In case you are doing Google Shopping Ads instead of Google´s search network Ads, you will need some time to gather enough data. So no hurry.
You can already start to use it. :slight_smile:

here´s an example from my feed:

@Chirayu, next to the screenshot about the errors, I would like to know which of your shops delivered this error?

Let´s drop final informations on the errors & warnings from Google´s Merchant Center here:

  1. Insufficient product indentifiers (GTIN, MPN, Brand) are currently within scope for the next fix.
  2. Invalid or missing recommended attributes like age group are doable and we will work on that.
  3. Missing sizes UPDATE 03/07/19:
    We have added a default size for every qualified product. This will solve most problems with GMC and FB’s Shop availability.

Commonly the feed is a sales tool for users that are specialized and well experienced. We need to observe how the feature is recieved by the majority of all shop owners. Currently SEO and SEM are still corner cases in our shop owner’s marketing approaches.

Anyway keep on working with the feed! I highly suggest to work and gather experiences with it.
Share your experiences with us and the community! The more people use it, the more we will support features like that :slight_smile: