Product price problem

when i first made my water bottle it was 17 dollars now its 20.49 which i think will impact sales anyway i can make it chaeper again???

As you can see the water bottle actually costs: 13.99$

You then pay the print price, which amounts to 3.50$:

You currently have two designs on your bottle. Therefore you pay the print price twice plus the design price twice.
Therefore I recommend to only have one design on the bottle, to put the design price to 0 since you’ll be receiving 20% of the print and product price anyways:

Hope this helps!

But i seen in my shop for cheaper but than i had to delete it and it costs more and the design price is .25 i feel like the royalties are kicking in but its my idea.

You migth have temporarily deactivated the Affiliate Commission for your Shop?

Deselect Affiliate Commission

If you don’t want to receive the Affiliate Commission (maybe because you run a non-profit Shop or you just want to dispense with earnings), you can opt out of receiving it. Choose the menu item Advanced Settings > Affiliate Commission, and untick the “Affiliate Commission" box. Please uncheck the box under “Receive Affiliate Commission”. This also means that you will not receive any Volume Commission and that all products in Shops without Affiliate Commission will be 20% cheaper for your customers.

But we rather advise you to not set a design price and keep the affiliate commission activated.