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Hello I’m new! I have two questions about setting up designs in the shop:

1 - If I choose, for example, Women’s Tank Tops, but only want one tank option, is there a way to do this? Currently if I choose that category the shop displays every tank top available as an option.

2 - is there a way to print a design on the front and back of a shirt?



Hi there! Short answer: no & no :smiley:

Long answer… we are working on those features and they are planned for Q2 this year. Due to the many interdependencies with introducing those features, the development process has been a little slow. But, as said, we want to give our Shop Owners more control over their assortment, as well as design placement.

So - thank you for your patience :slight_smile:


:exclamation: Update :exclamation:

We’re a little behind schedule with the feature for single product creation. This is because we want to support as many relevant edge cases as possible. Release is planned for CW 28/29 - so in the next couple of weeks.

I’m sorry for the hold up but not too sorry, as the final touches for such products is very important.

Also to clarify: complete colour restriction is not yet in the scope of this feature, but it’s something we’ll introduce during Q3.

So overall, lots to look forward to for our partners - stay tuned :slight_smile:

Color choices limiting
How to add an individual product instead of "Groups" of products

Hi Sara,

What’s the status on limiting garment color selection. I want my customers to have limited tee colors that I feel work with my artwork. Limiting the base colors will also help speed sales by removing the paralysis by analysis problem.



Hey Alvin,

yes, yes! The color restriction is there. It´s been implemented a while ago.
See how it works:



Thank you.