Purchasing from my own shop

This may be a silly question but if I designed shirts for my fans but I want to buy some for myself do I just purchase like a regular customer, is there a partner discount or anything like that?

Unfortunately no partner discount :sob:

BUT… if your order yourself from the shop, you do get the design price & the commission back :spreadshop:
So it’s kind of a discount :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi! So I just bought a shirt and hat from my shop $64 in total with shipping. I was wondering how long it will take for the order to show up on the spread stats app? I was my own first order so I’m not familiar with how long they take to show up!

If you click here: https://partner.spreadshirt.com/statistics/sales then you can see the three sales in your shop. It takes approx. 2 weeks for these sales to then show up under “Credit” :slight_smile:

I was just looking for this topic. In the past setup there was an option to not list a product on the marketplace - then option to buy it directly. Perfect for clients that wanted a product I designed, that was exclusive. Not public.

I need this option again, where do I find it?

This option does not exist anymore. You can create a shop that you activate temporarily (and then deactivate again after you’ve made your purchase. Or you publish something to the Marketpace and then unpublish it again after your purchase.

PS: From today onwards please find us for any Shop-related questions in our own Spreadshop Forum: https://www.spreadshop.com/forum/c/english