Question about Designs

Hi Everyone,

I am from the US and I haven’t launched my shop yet, but it is DC’s Decor Shop.

One question I had was when I upload my design is it best to stay with Bitmap image or vector when I review it. When they make their corrections I noticed the color is off on their end, but does that matter? If I chose bitmap the color looks fine, but then it doesn’t have their corrections I believe? A lot of my artwork is created in Illustrator so that is what I mainly use, but I have some Photoshop also.


Hey - I would recommend to export your illustratorfiles to a png-file. So it will be printed with the full color palette of DD-print.
If you want to upload your designs as a vector file - only 3 colors are supported. And there are some more requirements for vectorfiles. You can have a look here:

There seems to be some trouble when uploading ai-files of the latest illustrator version. So in case you want to upload ai-files please save them as older versions - e.g. CC or illustrator 8.
If you save them as an svg-file you need to switch the CSS-attributes to presentation attributes. You will find this option at the saving options.

Note: If you upload a vectorfile such as ai or svg - the customers will still be able to switch all of the 3 colors. But the upload requirements dont work for all kind of designs - so if you just want to sell your designs equal to how you created it on illustrator, saving as a png file is clearly the best option.