Rejected: "quality" actually a matter of too much details for HTV?

Bonjour :slight_smile:
This design was uploaded in .ai and rejected.
I actually have it accepted in .png with a texture filling.
I put it in vector so people could choose the color, so I guess is issue is because it is a b**** to weed (I print HTV at home, I know…).

Is there a way that Spreadshirt can decide to use inkjet instead of HTV and keep the color choice?
Or shall I just upload 20 different .png variants?

Thanks for the input

This is what really posses me off about this site. I make all my own logos and design my clothes with no help but everytime I add a product, no matter if I upload transparent backgrounds or not, it keeps getting rejected for “Quality”. Really starting to decide to move on from spreadshop and #spreadshirt and find my way somewhere else.

Hi guys!

If you have more questions about reasons for refusal, please contact directly.

The team can then tell you a little more about what exactly does not meet the requirements for the respective designs.

So feel free to send your spread id and the design id.