Sales Channel Pending question

What does it mean when you upload an image and in the sales channel it says pending? And how long does the pending take? Some images didn’t say that when I uploaded them, but some did. And they are the same images I had. I just made them a little bigger now.

thank you


Ahoy @Badwolfpro1,

we have several automatic and half automatic processes to check and verify all uploaded designs. Sometimes the image recognition found (or at least thinks it found) something. This also happens with very similar or even the same designs but with different sizes. Those designs will stay in pending mode until the whole checking process is finished. So in this cases you just need to stay calm and wait until the check is done. Depending on the overall uploads this can take up to 7 days.

Rico is right you have to wait for the system and reviewer to do their thing. I sometimes have gone through thus process with Spreadshirt, Redbubble and Zazzle. Redbubble has a more robust system; as I’ve had image that have been up for 10 years get flagged for review. Which pulls the product line down until a manual review is done to make sure the image and content that describes it is in compliance with the terms of service.