Saying Hello from Canada

New person from Canada…interested to speak to others from Canada and their experiences. Hope everyone is having success!


Heyyyyy welcome! :slight_smile: Great to have you on the forum!

Hi. I am Gerry. Very new to this. Just filling out my Tax form and wanted to make sure I am on track before submitting.

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Good job! First things first!!! :one:

Hi, where do we get the proper tax forms to fill out. Want to make sure I do this above board :slight_smile:

Hi, Where did you get the tax forms to fill out?

Best to read:

Name: First and last name
Address: House number and street, city, country, ZIP code
A valid Foreign TIN (for Canada you can find more information here:
A filled-in W-8-BEN form (also available for download in the User/Partner area)

Please note: for the W-8-BEN form to be valid, you must put your User ID in section 7 where it says, “Reference number(s) (see instructions)”. The data on the form must be consistent with what is provided in your Spreadshirt account.

Please download, fill out, sign, and email your W-8-BEN form as an attachment to