Share your ideas for new products!

Hey guys, I’m starting a thread where people can share products that they’d like to see Spreadshirt start carrying! I’ll start it off

  • popsockets
    -rubber bracelets

very nice :slight_smile: thank you. Other ideas anyone?

Sweat pants! It is our most requested item.


-All over print T-shirt’s hoodies
-More hat options
-track jackets/bomber jackets


Embroidered hats

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Hi all,

thanks for your input and ideas! We take this and see what we can do in the future :slight_smile:


I think beach towels or just towels in general would be a good sellers

For home decor wall tapestries (since you are now printing posters) and table cloths or runners may go over well

For the winter season throws and blankets should also be good sellers.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas with us @xzendor7 :+1:

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Hello, I would like there to be sport headbands please. Customers are asking me for headbands and I think it would be great to add, Thank You.

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Not sure if this is still active, but I would love to just add the basic muslin/linen/natural color for the tote bag. I have a lot of designs that would look best in the natural. Also other colors in the camp mug. That seems to be the product that folks are most excited about.Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey guys I just started a small business where I try to sell phone cases tell me what you think and be the first to give me your opinion thx u

I have requested tshirts with pockets several times. I have requests from people who won’t buy shirts without because they need a place to put their readers

i wish that i have a store like

  • Leggings
  • Jackets
  • Phone cases
  • Balloons

I would like to see a better variety of larger size options. Sizes like 3x and 4x in more than just a basic tee.

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Custom Printed Canvas Shoes & Shoe Boxes
– With canvas shoes added as new products, designers will be able to place their designs on the shoes and shoe box for their product and brand. Spreashirt can print the designs on the shoes and the shoe boxes.
– Customers will have the ability to use the customization tool to customize their own shoes. They can add their own designs, change the color and add text.