ShopBeta vs. Shop - font differences

Beta version (and the font I like! The one that was there from the beginning):

My embedded shop with different fonts after the beta changes:

@VGEgraphics I cannot open the link of your embedded shop. I recive an error message for

The link you used has https (with final s)… that’s why it was not working.

This should work though!

Thank you Lena

BTW, now after this update, all designs and products (EVERY single image) is again stretched when accessed from an iPhone.

I had previously solved this issue by going into the Advanced Settings, HTML & CSS and insert in the textfield of “Edit Shop CSS” this:

.sprd-Image.sprd-preview {
height: auto;
img { max-width:100% !important; height:auto !important;}

But apparently this does not work anymore now with this new update??? So, any new suggestions?

Heya, I’m trying to see with our devs what we can do. Thanks for your patience!

Alright, this time it was quick:

Regarding the font, it’s an embedding issue. You’ll have to define a font as Mr. @lovetee above suggested - our system is just following the font defined in the embedded website.

For the stretched images, it’s a doctype definition issue. Plese replace:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">


<!DOCTYPE html>

Should fix it.

What I don’t understand is why there is a different font in the shopbeta version. What font are you using there and why does it not reflect on the regular site if it’s perfect in the beta version?

Stretched imaged… where should I write "<!DOCTYPE html " ? Because I already have it like this on my main index.html page…

You know that now I see stretched images even from the editor inside spreadshirt?
That was not like that before. I have never seen stretched images from a computer… only from cellphone until now.
Shop settings > edit shop… the preview you see on the right side inside every image is stretched.

Any news about FONTS and STRETCHED images? It is really painful to not be able to navigate from cellphones anymore.


Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this (see screenshot below), I would need more information from you: the exact page / setting you are adjusting, the brower & version you are using. Thanks in advance!

Regarding the doctype, we unfortunately cannot give a lot of support regarding embedded shops. While I’m no developer, I would imagine the doctype should be defined in/for your shop. How that’s done in your case - I’m afraid I can’t say, you’ll have to try it out yourself through trial and error, find HTML/CSS-tutorials online or talk to your developer.

For defining the font - again, I cannot unfortunately give you additional support. However, there are quite a lot of online tutorials on HTML & CSS.

Please let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

SO… I removed the text that I had inside “Edit Shop CSS” and left it back blank.
Now the preview inside my spreadshirt in the “Shop Settings” is back to normal…

BUT now even from a computer I see my embedded shop horribly stretched!! Even worse than it looked before from the cellphone.


So… since I have not touched the CSS now, it really seems that the problem is on your side, with all embedded shops.

You must have changed something else, since before at least from computers the images were showing normally, and were stretched only from cellphones.

Now instead, images are stretched from anywhere, computers, tablets, cellphones…
We need an immediate fix here please!!!

You might want to know that on PC, the images are NOT stretched when viewed from Firefox.
But they are when using Chrome.

I have always used Chrome. We had not all these problems before you updated everything with the beta version :frowning:

UPDATE: I put that little CSS code back… now I don’t know what you did on your side but at least the pics are not stretched anymore… not from Chrome, not from Firefox… (so at least that’s ok now)

BUT still stretched from the cellphone… :’(
I really don’t know what to do

I’ll double check with our devs regarding the cellphone view. I’ll get back to you on Monday if I need additional information or with more information.

EDIT: Sorry for the delay in replies: I’m sitting in Germany so the time difference…

Ich weiss, kein Problem und schoenes Wochenende!!!

Please tough try to find something out… the cellphone view was working perfectly with this CSS added:
.sprd-Image.sprd-preview {
height: auto;
img { max-width:100% !important; height:auto !important;}

Now with the new beta version, this script does not work anymore for cellphone view.

Any news about stretched images on cellphone views and font difference between spreadshop and embedded shop?
I don’t understand why the fonts changed when I did not even touch the html/css… it should be exactly the same as the one in the spreadshop preview

Not yet, cross your fingers for tomorrow!

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Hi there, it’s about your shop integration. I’ve sent you a private message.

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