Signature or personal website URL in designs?


Hi all, is there a rule about signing one’s own work, or including a personal website URL in the artwork?


Hmm what do you mean exactly? :thinking:


Well, t be clear, I mean to ask if there is any rule against the artist’s signature appearing on his or her design as printed - similarly, is there any rule against an artist using their images as vehicles for self promotion, by signing with or otherwise incorporating their spelled out name, their URL, or any other identifier like a monogram or a kanji? I can appreciate not using identifiers for third parties or other businesses or protected info/images, just not clear on whether I can treat my T-shirt designs the way I treat my engravings or paintings, thanks


Do as you like, if you want to include your brand name/signature on every design - it’s not a problem.


Thanks for the clarification


Update, an email from Amanda at says the following about signing one’s own work, certainly in regards to contest entries, but, apparently also regarding all items - “Designs with personal URLs, names, email addresses, and/or artist marks (including brand logos) are of no interest to Marketplace customers and will not be approved” - so forget a credit line on your own work, no one is interested! - great to know now, of course, and I am glad I asked so that I can adjust my level of expectations.

  • my interlocutor said in fact, that “Spreadshirt’s Marketplace is being cleared of all distinct personal content”.


Interesting. I know about many designers which include that and Designs are approved for marketplaces. If it’s a small letter or similar, it shouldn’t be a problem. Upload some and try, I would say :slight_smile:


well, there would be no identification value in a small letter or monogram or anything like that, how would a customer know how to contact the artist, or even see the artist as a part of the thing at all?
Thanks for the idea, but, I have loaded a raft of black and white stuff for the blackwhitecontest already, all signed, only one rejected.
However, if they all weren’t rejected, then they will be when the time comes to weed out rejections for the contest - Amanda was clear, no personal content on entries, oh well. She did suggest that it was a policy yet to be fully implemented, if so, then I am in the vanguard, lol