Special Shop Discount Coupon Feature Suggestion

I wanted to know if Spreadshirt will be implementing a feature that some other POD sites have, that allow shop owners to create their own limited discount coupons for certain products, that they could offer to potential customers; to help drive sales.

Since the discount would come out of the shop owners pocket, It shouldn’t be an issue if the store owner adjusted his/her prices for that particular item for the sale. I do this on Fine Art America and another t-shirt shop I promote my designs on.

We are planning to offer something in this direction, but the current upgrade of all legacy user accounts needs our full attention until End of Q2.
If everything runs smooth, we will have ressources to make a technical, legal and accounting wise discovery.

Sounds Good; Will look forward to the companies implementation.

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Yes it is a great upgrade and it is very useful for the customers as well, I had recently visited CouponCodify they had recently lived this feature and by this, I get easily purchased my desired product at a very reasonable price.