Specialty Inks for prints


My question is in several parts:

1: What’s the difference between ‘reflective’ and ‘halogen-reflex’ inks.
2: Will these options be kept up? I understand changes are afoot to limit colors to digital printing only.
3: How can I access these options from the normal ‘create-your-own’ method of uploading an image (not on the partner/shop side of this website)

I have TRIED to find the answers via the help pages to no avail, and customer services don’t seem to understand what I’m talking about.

Please can anyone help?


Link to where you’ve seen this, please? :slight_smile:

For the time being yes… but honestly, I can’t say any sure or definite timeframe.

Click on the “plus” icon. It opens all the available printing methods and colours. If what you’re looking for is not included, it might be that we don’t offer it anymore and well, some content is a little out of date. It could also be out of stock but I’d like to know what are you looking for exactly.