Spreadshirt deleting/resetting favorite designs for custom products.

Favorited around 300 designs for custom products on spreadshirt the other day.

Logged back in today with zero favorites, so that is fine I just went through and favorited 1609 designs today, well immediately they are already being deleted and are now down to 1400.

A little bonus for all of this is by logging in on another browser or just logging out on my current browser, it will for some reason reset all of my favorited designs so that the list is completely empty like a brand new account.
Screenshot 2022-07-26 180122

Hey @User_NA-866ba129,

I forwarded your question to the colleagues. Normally if you are logged in, your favorites should be saved and displayed again when you are logged in again.
But we have never tested such a large quantity. Why dou you need 1609 or even 300 Favorites?
The Favorite-feature allows customers to quickly find their gift ideas or wishes. From my point of view it makes no sense for customers to mark over 1000 designs as favourites.

But I will let you know if I have the feedback from the colleagues about that.


Ahoy @User_NA-866ba129,

the colleagued couldnt find anything marked as favorites in your account. That means, that you were not logged in while you marked your favorites. They were only saved in the cache of your browser. So when you close the browser the data is probably lost. And also if you use another browser the new browser doesnt know what is saved in the other browser.
Please log in before you start selecting your favorites. But I’m still not sure about the large quantity you want to select. It is not a normal usecase.


Why do I “need” over 1000 designs? :thinking:
How is that even a question you are asking me as a staff member :laughing:
I don’t “need” the designs so you can stop being condescending hey. I happen to like the designs that I favorited which would be the reason for favoriting super weird right? Crazy stuff I know why would anyone use features on spreadshirt and expect them to work?

Oh and I have been logged in every time I favorite designs so what you are telling me is just false.

Over 1000 designs while logged in and not one saves if I exit the browser or refresh the page or just log out and back in.

No help trying to identify the problem though hey? Just questioning why I “need” to favorite designs on a website that allows you to favorite designs that you like

From your point of view, you demean me for favoriting designs? Great customer service.

Love the customer service on spreadshirt btw, telling me an issue with their website is because of the browser I’m using, oh wait I’ve tried several browsers all while being logged in just for the same issue to arise. Weird right?

weird I have had my favorites page open all night so they wont be deleted ALL WHILE LOGGED IN and here you are telling me that the favorite list is empty hmmm. Now what does that seem like? OH RIGHT its an issue with spreadshirt.com not the browsers I have used, not because of cookies, nor because I was not logged in.

When will I get a legitimate response from spreadshirt? :laughing: :joy: :rofl:

too funny to think this is the average spreadshirt staff

really it just baffles me that you guys make millions of dollars and this is the customer support

Im not logged in though right? and my favorites list is empty because of something on my end right?

Still no answer? What a fucking joke. My favorited designs are still being deleted and wont even show up in browsers outside of chrome. Great service here over at spreadshirt, making hundreds of millions and cannot even address a fucking bug on their shitty website

thanks for the help! really appreciate being ignored for a week with npc responses

Still having my favorited designs deleted/reset, got to love it, honestly this has to be one of the worst companies I’ve ever dealt with :rofl: :joy: :laughing: :rofl: :joy: :laughing:

Ahoi @User_NA-866ba129,

first of all - this Forum is not the customer service. The forum is mainly used for communication between designers and for bug reportings and solutions. If you want to contact the Customer Service, than you should use the following contacts:

Regarding the Forum: Unfortunatly currently there is only me responsible for the forum and I was on vacation so I couldnt answer earlier. There is no reason to be rude. I tried to find an answer on your question.
As I cant see into the data wheter you where logged in when you marked your favorites I asked the responsible colleagues and they told me that there is no data what means, that you wherent logged in. I assumed that you used your Partneraccount with the SpreadID: 307744729
But maybe you used another account?

But as mentioned before - normally customers mark much less designs as their favorites - even far below 100.

From your Screenshots I cant see what url you used. I just need more information to find out what happened. Could it be that you where on a different domain as we have marketplaces on many domains?

Best Rico