Spreadshirt designer experience so far is so frustrating; lost my work again!


As a new user I thought I’d share some thoughts. Extremely impressed with the presentation of the products, but my biggest frustration is with the product designer. Once I get my store set up, I’ll be happier but I keep finding I’m spending hours choosing colours and perfecting image size/positioning only to find the templates seem to suddenly reset or get corrupt. The stress is unbelievable, and I’m already on Sertraline!

I’ve just spent another 3 hours (my 6th attempt) perfecting a design layout for my second store (US), I set black as the default colour and apply and about 10 products are listed that aren’t available in black or have pink or green as the default. A fairly quick fix to correct the unwanted colours but why is it buggy, but after calculating the correct image dimensions for each individual product using the so called Golden Ratio, and they looked much better proportioned.

The image resize drag bars are great but across say 100 products, the maximum image size only has about say 10 sizes, so you could really improve the designer if we had some extra controls so we could set all the same sized max product images to a different size, all 7.6" max height images to 3.2" etc for the current product.

Moving on, I carefully saved the template at the end of each row of products, until finally finished. I save the template again, click on Apply. I go to the store preview and there are my items, but hang on, most but not all of the designs have lots of random colours showing. I hard refresh the page, but no joy. Oh god no, not again.

I head back to my saved design products and they are messed up again as on the front with the wrong image dimension and random colours, even if I reload the saved template which I know was 100% correct. Aargh, kill me now.

Please add a template history function or at least a quick export/import facility, a standard export all option and perhaps an advanced option with checkboxes to optionally select what is included like image sizes, colours, tags, descriptions etc so, we can back up templates and restore upon disaster?

I originally created a Marketplace, then found a post here in the forums that mentioned anyone could reuse my designs and you lose control, so I had to abandon all that work as the person who created my artwork would go rightly bananas.

I contacted Support and found out I have to manually recreate everything from scratch when adding a US store after my UK store. But there is no export/import option.

Why not clearly warn users that happens with the Marketplace when choosing that option to save so much time? Perhaps a clickable banner to acknowledge?

I would also politely request you consider more bulk editing options, to quickly select or deselect one or more colours from a particular design with 100’s of products and colours it really needs this extra control, and please fix the set as default colour option so that it works as intended.

I’m wondering if it’s some kind of caching issue in the designer that is causes the loss of and corruption of templates and settings?

Thanks for your time.


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This is planned :slight_smile:

This is clearly stated in our T&Cs. The poin of the Marketplace is that customers can create any kind of products with your designs.

I’m really sorry you’re experiencing all these troubles with your templates. I have forwarded your issues to our developers. We will be reworking and improving the template functionalities within the coming months and I hope your work with the partner area will improve.

PS: From today onwards please find us for any Shop-related questions in our own Spreadshop Forum: https://www.spreadshop.com/forum/c/english