Spreadshirt Update regarding Covid-19

I´d like to share our CEOs statement with you regards Covid-19.

In short.
Services for our partners and customers are not at risk.

Ahoy all,

Hello, everyone,

the Corona virus has a firm grip on the world and it affects us as a company as well.
You can read about the exact changes in the following blogpost.

As described our production in Greensburg is temporarily closed, which in turn has an impact on orders and assortment.
I will keep you up to date and will be happy to answer your questions.

Beyond that I would like to give you courage and strength in these difficult times. In the coming months it will be important to show solidarity with your fellow human beings. I hope that you will all emerge from this crisis healthy and safe.

UPDATE March 20th, 6:30PM EST : Governor Sisolak of Nevada just released an emergency directive that ORDERED non essential businesses to close doors. This means that both our production facilities in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and in Henderson, Nevada need to remain closed for the next weeks. Businesses who ignore this will be faced with civil penalties and revocation of business licenses. Unfortunately this also means, that we currently cannot process any orders of your customers. This will be communicated in the check-out and in a banner that they will see on the Spreadshirt Website. We’re very sorry to share this news but the safety of the public, our customers and our staff is our #1 priority. We’re confident we can all get through this together and we appreciate your patience. We will communicate with all of you as soon as we are back up and running. In the meantime please send any of your questions or concerns to service@spreadshirt.com or reply to this thread!

Ahoy all,

Great News! We have reopened both of our factories in the United States! After legal clarification by the Nevada and Pennsylvania governments, we are now able to operate our facilities by enacting strict health and safety guidelines.

By keeping our production employees at a distance of 6 feet, cleaning surfaces at the beginning and end of shifts, and promoting hand washing, we are able to both keep our employees safe and produce orders for your customers. Here is the full list of safety guidelines from the CDC that we will follow.

We are taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our production employees and their communities and are happy to see products run through our facilities again and land safely at your customers’ doorsteps. As you know, the situation surrounding COVID-19 is very dynamic and can change quickly. We’ll certainly keep you up to date on anything that affects your Shops and your customers.

Details about limited product availability

Certain products will also be considered “out of stock” for the time being. This is because these take much longer to produce than other products and we need to focus on producing as much as possible with a reduced amount of production employees.

Please find the full list of products currently shown as “out of stock”

all Posters
all coloured Mugs (white ones are still ok)
all hats & bags with laser transfer print technique (129,803,1040,636,1445,1441,1430,1442,1157,1156)
waist apron (1443)
Pillowcase 32x20 (914)

Lastly, our delivery times can be a little longer than usual. You will find more detailed information in the following marketplace blogpost:


I hope you’re all well in these difficult times. The corona crisis is causing new decisions and developments for us every day. We are facing a very big challenge that was not foreseeable in the form it took. We have to react to the current situation and optimize some processes or make them more efficient. I would therefore like to inform you about the latest decisions that are also relevant for you:

Design Contest:
The design contests will be paused until further notice. The current winners are still being determined and announced. We will also inform you in advance about when we will reintroduce this format and also on which topics.

Upload Limits:
Up to now, the upload limit for each partner was 50 designs per day. This limit is now reduced to 5 designs per day. This change will come into effect on 1.4.2020 at the latest.

Online First:
Your designs will no longer be immediately available on the marketplace, but as before the introduction of “Online First”, only after they have gone through the review process. Due to the simultaneous upload limit, however, it should not take too long with this review. This change has already been released.

I know that these changes aren’t the best news to you and I want to assure you that we will undo all three changes mentioned as soon as the Corona crisis is over. It is also in our interest to get back to normal operation as soon as possible.

I hope you understand these decissions. I will keep you informed. Keep well!

Ahoy all,

great news:
following products are no longer stockout:

  • all Posters
  • all coloured Mugs (white ones are still ok)
  • all hats & bags with laser transfer print technique (129,803,1040,636,1445,1441,1430,1442,1157,1156)
  • waist apron (1443)
  • Pillowcase 32x20 (914)

I’ll keep you updated.

Do I need to open two accounts for my EUR shop?, the problem is when I log in on USA, that same email doesnt let me log in on EUR. I have read that I can do have both shops under the same account but… how?

Sorry for writting here I dont know how to send you messages

Ahoy @VVS-G,

you could write your shop reated questions here :wink::

I am very sorry to hear this. I am new and have just reached my limit. In addition, I was mistaken when uploading and still have a lot to try. So the bottom line is that I hit my limit in less than 3 minutes. How is this workable? And is the step from 50 to 5 not too much of a transition?

Hey @Hans,

almost all of our colleagues had to switch to short time work due to the coronacrisis. We weren’t able to handle more uploads. We know that this is a deep cut for all of you - but so it is for us as well.
We hope to come back to normality as soon as possible.
I will keep you informed if we have some news.
Unfortunatly also broken uploads count as uploads - so make sure, that you have a good internet connection and your file is set up right to avoid upload errors.