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Unfortunately, Support (Kayla) is not providing answers to my questions and is only providing a cut-and-paste genetic answer referring me to other channels that don’t answer my specific questions.

This is the response I received to the specific questions I asked below:


Thank you for your email.

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Name: Nicholas Connan
Subject: [Spreadshop]
ShopId: 101374449
Platform: NA

Is there a way of sharing a URL to my shop before it is launched? As a volunteer, I am setting up a shop on behalf of a group and need to ensure they are happy with it and ready to promote it before I send it live.

The shop is on the NA platform. With lots of the organisation’s members in the European area, I believe that postage will be cheaper to have an EU shop as well. Is there a way to clone the NA shop with exactly the same setup, products etc as it would be a huge task to have to set up everything identically again?

The NA shop has been setup in my personal name. I believe I have to provide a W8-BEN form as a Non-US resident. Are the profits paid via my account (going to the organisation) taxable in a Non-US country (Australia)?

In the setup, the currency is set as USD, but products are presented to me in AUD (is this correct)? Do the product prices automatically update for the currency of the visitor’s country?

Thanks. Nicholas

Ahoy @Nicholas_Connan,

i this forum the focus is on the marketplace as a point of sale so I’m not the shop expert. You could reach out to the colleagues in the spreadshop-forum if you want. You will find it here:

But I will try to answer some general questions:

  1. Unless you did not launch your shop it is not possible to share the URL
  2. As you live in Australia you entered our australian website and created your account on the australian domain. This is the reason why the prices are in AUD. If an american Customer comes to your shop, a popup window pops up that asks him wether he wants to see the australian or the american version of your shop. Depending on his decission the prices will be shown in AUD or UD.
  3. If your customers are mainly from Europe than you surely should create a shop on the EU platform as well or instead. Unfortunatly there is no way to just clone it. Everything has to be set up again. The 2 platforms EU and NA are not connected.

I hope this helps for the beginning. For furhter information you should use the spreadshop forum as mentioned.

Best Rico