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Well, I finally got around to trying out the new template feature (better late than never). This is a big improvement, but it could be even better.


  • I applied one of the default templates (for Dark Designs) and some of the products placed my design off-center. This was not true for all of them, just for a few.
  • Since I was just playing around, after loading the Dark Designs template, I canceled. Originally, I had one product for the design; after canceling, I expected to have one product for the design, but I got all the products in the template.
  • I haven’t verified this, but I swear I deleted colors on a template that then re-appear when I apply the template to a new product.


  • Templates combine things that might best be kept separate. Front or back may not be heavily used, but positioning things on the front is quite different than the back. Available colors are independent of front/back. The choice of products may be independent of all those. So yes, I’d like a positioning template, a separate color template, and a separate product choice template. Currently, I find myself creating permutations of all these and with only 10 templates allowed, one runs out of permutations pretty fast.
  • Color palettes are a major headache. You have to click on each product to see what the available colors are. To verify the colors if one includes a lot of products, is a major hassle. How about including a little legend under the product thumb that shows the available colors. This would make it easier to ensure that a bad color option wasn’t available.
  • It would be even nicer if I could just click on the legend to immediately set the default color without having to bring up a product, select the color, click on apply, and wait.
  • Even better would be to have a global palette of all the possible colors for all the selected products. I’d like to deactivate colors globally. For instance, if I know that no shade of red is going to work, do I really need to go into each product and individually remove all the reds? And, as I said, it’s not easy to proof that I didn’t miss one somewhere. This option might actually be a lot better than a color template. I find that some of my designs have pretty specific colors they work well with, so I almost need a color template for each one (which means, right now, a template for each design, which means running out of templates pretty fast).

That’s about it so far.

Thanks Freixas!

I´ve created a feature request out of your suggestion and will forward it to the responsible team!

I see that 2.5 years later, many of the improvements suggested here have still not been implemented.

I signed up here very recently because I like certain things about the site and I like the new “star system” but these very practical feature requests are really very much needed!

The better and faster WE can work, the better and faster Spreadshirt can also profit!

Thank you.

I’ll add a further suggestion for refinement: being able to click ALL the dark colors for a product on/off, and likewise ALL the light colors.

Every design is different and there will be little adjustments that we want to make, but cutting the clicking down into batches to start with would really help speed things up!

Again thank you.

Can I add something else?

It would be great if we could see the colors we already chose right on the edit page inside the design. I keep clicking on things where only one choice works and has already been chosen. No need to click on it then, but how would I know unless I can see it at the higher level?

Thanks for your attention to these matters! :slight_smile:

I came looking for these forums just to comment on this feature, so I’ll add my thoughts here instead of making a new thread!

Templates are still a mess.

They still combine position, product types, and colors, when ideally I’d like all of those available as separate grouped settings. I.E, I want a “dark colors” setting independent of which products I’ve selected, and I don’t want choosing that or a group of products to affect where I’ve placed my design on existing products. I’m editing ~300 designs right now to take advantage of new products since they were uploaded and it’s become a massive headache, mostly because of the template system’s lack of control.

What I’d like is to scrap the existing system and give us three new types of templates:
1: Position Templates
2: Product Templates
3: Color Templates

Maybe those need different names, I’m open, but the idea is solid. Picking those three things independently would solve most of my problems instantly.

Ahoy @stillinbeta,

thank you for this feedback. I forwarded it to the corresponding colleagues. Feedback like this helps us to improve our services.


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Hmm… Four years since my original post.

I haven’t really added new designs to my store in a long while. It sounds like none of my suggestions have been implemented. I gather the developers don’t spend a lot of time actually trying to maintain a real store. They might want to spend a little time actually trying to maintain a store.

On the other hand, I understand that doing independent templates that work well together is a difficult problem.

I have a handful of designs which I tried to place on a large variety of products. It was too much work to maintain and I wound up limiting the number of products. This is still a headache to maintain (which is why I haven’t done much in the last few years), but I wouldn’t want to be in @stillinbeta’s shoes with around 300 designs! Ouch!