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Hello again @Thomas_Spreadshirt,
I checked my merchant center account today and found out indeed few products are finally active. Sadly all my active products are caps, mugs and totes. Not a single tshirt or hoodie or cinch bag is active. Infact now, the count of warnings have increased. I have included a screenshot of the errors and warnings.

The new warning that the item requires gtin is appearing for cinch bags and Fruit of the Loom Men’s tshirts. As far as i understand this is happening because there must be other advertisers on google who have submitted gtin values for the fruit of the loom tshirts. Women’ Fruit of the Loom T-Shirts does not show these warnings because the feed mentions <g:brand>Fruit of Loom or Gildan</g:brand>. Due to this Google thinks the brand is “Fruit of Loom or Gildan” as a whole. That’s not a good way to submit brand attribute either.

I really think you should get the feed issue sorted out. There are a lot of things missing and even those that are there are not formed in a nice way - eg the brand name for Women’s Fruit of the Loom T-shirt. Google does not read “or” in the attribute . Cmon guys, it should not be that difficult to form a proper rss feed given you have all the required info.

Rather than submitting invalid values, simply submit an identifier_exists attribute with a value of FALSE for all such items. Then, do no submit any gtin, mpn, or brand values for the item – leave the values empty. Source: https://www.en.advertisercommunity.com/t5/Google-Shopping-and-Merchant/What-to-do-if-product-does-not-have-UPC-MPN-or-GTIN/td-p/377505



Today we released a new version of the product feed. It fixes a bug that caused the Merchant Center to reject articles because of a missing GTIN.
I recommend uploading your feed again to Google Merchant Center and wait until all products are finally processed. You should not experience any critical GTIN related error messages - marked in red -

best regards,


Hi Thomas;

Chirayu is right.

For the USA, the Google Merchant Center requires the size attribute or they will not allow products like T-shirts, Sweatshirts or Hoodies to be available in Google Shopping Ads (Why this is a requirement in the USA, I don’t know).

I know have 5200+ products in the feed and 4800+ have been disqualified for use in Google Shopping Ads since there is no size attribute associated with the product.

I’m adding new designs several times a week and this number is only going to grow and I have no means of getting my designs out there effectively in the biggest buying market on the planet.


Google says it clear:
[…]When you use this attribute, your ad can appear in results that are filtered by size. […]

I think this is the most important sentence. It may be useful when a user is adding a size to his search term. Not having the size attribute included is not a blocker to perform PLAs or Search Network Ads.
Both are still possible.

I am sorry to say, that we won´t include the size attributes. These will cause server response time errors for all partners with bigger assortments.


I understand your issue with server load on your end; but I must re-iterate, that despite that Google statement. In the USA, Google is blocking products in the apparel category from showing up in Shopping Ads.

I’ve included 2 attachments of my backend in the GMC


Hey @xzendor7 !
As of today the product feed supports the “size”-attribute by delivering a default size.
Can you please re-fetch your feed and give us feedback regarding the approval of your items?


Ok I just reloaded the rss feed and will see how it goes with the Google Merchant Center.

I’ve been using the feed on Bing (since for them size was not a hard requirement), for a few days and I’m starting to get impressions with it.

It takes a several days before the products make it on to the Bing network and I’ll also let you know how things go with it here as well.


The entire feed of 7700+ products was accepted.

Only had a problem with 189 images.

I linked my Google Ads account to my Google Merchant Center account; created my first shopping campaign and the system is now in learning mode.

For Bing Product Ads; I’ve started to receive clicks.

The new size integration has also removed the Size Warning Error.

All I have to do now is find out why some of my typography and artwork are being categorized as adult or gambling when there are no such products in the store or my site for that matter.

Thank for all your help Thomas.

Will keep you updated as events unfold.




Since you can’t add keywords/keyphrase except for Negative keywords on the Bing and Google shopping Ad platforms; I’m reworking my titles for new design launches to include the Info into the title and body with target keyphrases.

This I hope will allow for Google Shopping Ads and Bing Product Ads an easier time on what the products in my feed are about so that the products can be displayed for the most relevant searches on these search platforms,


There is one thing I forgot to mention and that is and that is the following warning:

Missing or invalid data [condition] - Affected Items: 4,187

Learn more says “Your item’s landing page is missing microdata for the item’s condition”

Then I use the recommended Structured Data Testing Tool: https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool

But no errors pop up when I add one of the sample links into the tool.


Ok. I forwarded this to our DEV Team. They will be working on this and the MPN/GTIN issue soonish!


Ok Thomans

I did some more research

The - Missing or invalid data [condition]
refers to - Add valid structured data markup to your landing page
which takes to this video put out GMC
and also this page at schema.org

GMC suspended my account in the last 12 hours so I’m waiting for them to get in contact with me so I can see what the problem is and know what was the policy violation; which I can’t figure out.

When they do I’ll update the post.


Hi Thomas;

I found out why my account had been suspended by the Google Merchant Center/

I was informed by support that I need to have the Spreadshirt return policy directly on my website on all the pages of the web site.

I wanted to know if I could copy the Spreadshirt return policy to my website on a separate page so that visitors can see it on the site as per Google Custom Label Policy.


Tôi cũng gặp vấn đề tương tự. Tôi đã chạy quảng cáo trong vài ngày và nhận được email Google Merchant bị treo. Tôi muốn tìm hiểu thêm và cách khắc phục, ai có thể giúp tôi?

Google Merchant Center Feed Disapproved - No Tax or Shipping Information In Feed

Hey there!

The red boxed error message indicates that you tried listing your products in both countries, Vietnam & the United States. This is not allowed with a standard Google Merchant Center account.

Short tip:
The standard GMC account is not accepting more than 1 shipping destination. The shipping destination may not differ from your shop`s country.
e.g if your shop is registered for Vietnam, you should only set up the Merchant Center details for Vietnam (Shipping Informations etc)

Delete the country details, that are not matching your unique shop country.
Then contact Google again, regarding your account.

If you want to market your products in various countries, you will need to request a “multi-client account” from Google.
Please visit: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/188487?hl=en
Your current Merchant Center account will become a subdivision of the new multiple client account.
Once your new multi-client account is confirmed, you can create additional shipping regions in line with your current Merchant Center account.

In general I’d suggest always to get in contact with GMC Service at first. They will tell you what caused a suspension and what needs to be done, to fix this.


I have received google mail and now my problem is about refund and refund policy. I still haven’t found a way to handle this problem. Can you help me
Thank you !


Can you please get in touch with @xzendor7 ?
He / she had the same issues with GMC and finally got it to work.

I cannot support you with this detailed issue, as I am not a Google representative. It also seems to be a North American issue, as we are not facing these penalities in for EU accounts.


thank you
Let me try to contact .


If you are having a problem with refund policy in the Google Merchant Center; it may be the same problem I was experiencing with the Google Merchant Center.

What is required is that the Spreadshirt Refund Policy be placed on your website and that a link by placed either in the Header or Footer of your site that links to the refund policy page. This link must be available on every page of your site.

I coded my own site, so I was able to just add an extra link to the footer that pointed to the refund policy page I created.

If you are using Wordpress, you will have to add a widget to link to the refund policy page you created or add the link manually to the footer template that points to the refund policy page.

Take a look at my site to see how I did it: https://xzendor7.com

Once I did that I and contacted support so that they could evaluate the changes, they reactivated my account without issue.