This ship is sinking! Spreadshirt... it's been fun. Thanks and bye bye


Well, after 7-8 years with spreadshirt it’s time to move on. Like a relationship that has run its course. I made a lot of money, and learned a lot in the process, so for that thank you spreadshirt. For the most part it was all good, not much bad to say to be honest. The only bad things have been within the last year, with taking away being able to add commission to products, and now their prints techniques and new header. Things are changing at Spreadshirt, and it’s NOT for the better. So, I’m moving to Printful! Blown away at how different and customer driven they are! They offer SOOO many more options than spreadshirt, don’t restrict your printing area, and the quality is TOP NOTCH. The process they seem to use when uploading your files even tells you on the page if your DPI is good enough and what it is. Furthermore, I called to ask a lot of questions, and their rep took 45 minutes out of his day. Told him I was with spreadshirt over 7 years, and explained all the changes/problems everyone is having with them. All my issues are solved with Printful! HUGE profit margin with them. So, thank you spreadshirt for not responding to questions, actually kicked me into high gear to look elsewhere. Spreadshirt was a good thing for me in the past, I made a lot of money. But, they don’t listen to their customers and make drastic changes. The first was the commissions changing. With printful, a tshirt is 12.00! They don’t charge you anymore! You pick your own prices to set for the shirt price, all commission is yours. I’m a little mad I haven’t switched over before now to be honest, their selection of garments blows spreadshirt away. Better quality and cheaper. Their rep never even heard of spreadshirt and said they aren’t even a competitor. Shows you where Spreadshirt is headed, which is bankrupt. On to bigger and better things…. I’d suggest you ALL look into Printful!!!


Dear Jason, what´s your about, again?
I see you complaining about the fact that you have earned easy cash on the internet with us. :confused:
I don´t see any value in the rest of the post, next to complaining and offending our service.

Sure it´s sad to see people leave, but that´s normal. People are free to go where they see chances, but be aware: businesses have that option too.
They also have the need for this behaviour because businesses are responsible for beeing profitable.
And that requires adaptions and changes from time to time.

These changes mostly have an effect on lots of people’s experience with a company and in best case, changes pave the way for a better development for the majority of all users. But there´s always a little ammount of users which you can’t satisfy. That’s the other side of the coin. It´s not that we don´t like or appreciate them. But when moving forward, we need to focus on creating benefits for the majority of our users.
Everybody wants change - but when asking our partners who wants to be the first to change, the majority hides from that step.

Spreadshirt is in the lucky situation of beeing the only POD company that is profitable and not in need of foreign cash to keep it´s business running. This is the result of hard and consistent daily work on our and on our user’s side. And we will definately continue with that, but sadly without you.

Thanks for hustling with us,



Hello Jason,

I’m a fellow shop owner like yourself and I’d like to call you out on your misinformation regarding Printful. I mean are you kidding me? Running a shop at Spreadshirt is infinitely more inexpensive. Printful requires you to have pre existing merchant accounts on services like Amazon that take heavy membership fees regardless of your income. What if you don’t sell as much this month? Amazon takes money from you anyway and you’re left with damage instead of just breaking even. Yes Spreadshirt can do better in certain areas but you can’t even compare it to anything else that’s out there. They do ALL the work for you and you get paid your design royalty PLUS 20% commission every month. And that’s on a slow day where you don’t sell much. I’m not even going to mention the Volume Commission when you sell more. As a shop owner I’m concerned with fiscal responsibility and staying out of debt so I can keep selling in the long term till the end of time while other merchants like you are going to find yourselves out of business within the next 2 years because you’ll have to pay all that extra money to maintain what Spreadshirt gives you for free. Your new partner may sound cooler right now but they’re also reckless for letting you choose your own commission percentage. You’ll make money with them today yes but tomorrow they’ll be filing for bankruptcy because they don’t know how to maintain their business without bank money and angel investors. I wouldn’t go so hard on you but your shameless advertisement of a shitty supplier that isn’t worthy of my time really rubbed me the wrong way. They were right to tell you they’re not competitors because they’re nothing like Spreadshirt. With that being said I wish you good luck because you’re going to need it.

See you out there on the market and may the best man win.


Can someone please tell me when accounts on the old interface will be moved to the new interface? I was once told to ditch my old account and begin again on the new interface. That is not a solution because of all the backlinks out on Pinterest and websites. This is my only beef with Spreadshirt. I’d really like to know if they are working to move the old accounts and if so, what is the timeline. Thanks.


Yes we are - it will happen. We are still currently in the risk assesment phase and in the process of defining a timeline.

You will for sure be kept in the loop once we have a bit more information to share :slight_smile:

This is an exciting & a burning topic for all of us - even internally :v:


Hello Thomas

Thank you for your comment.

What i would like to add is the following and i am aware that this is just the way Spreadshirt works, but please do also understand that there are Spreadshop users trying to make a living with fair work and struggling with some of your “functions”.

  1. Spreadshirt mainly want’s Designers/Creators having a Spreadshop to A. drive Traffic to Spreadshirt and bring new customers from their outside marketing and B. to have as much designs as possible on their plattform.

So far so good, this is your business model, but you should always keep in mind that behind these Spreadshops are people with families to feed and bills to pay. That means, every time you make changes to make your system more profitable, you possibly hurt the income for store owners.

What personally bothers me most is the fact, that you made me join the Spreadshop system by the marketing claim “Partner” which is misleading in my opinion. Partner means, we discuss changes together and not “Take it or leave it”.

I am old enough and long enough self employed to know and understand your marketing and business strategies, but this is why i am trying to tell you the other side of the story or at least hope you will understand what the OP said instead of telling “what’s your point, you earned some money with us”.

  1. Spreadshirt is telling us we are partners and we can build our own brand - Wrong! Spreadshirt is not interested that Spreadshop owners create their own brand. Why else would you for example no longer allow us to have our own “header” on invoices? How should “our” customers recognize “our” brand when everything is branded with Spreadshirt?

This is just not fair and you really should make things like this very clear instead of making young people think “oh, i can build my own clothing brand”. Because no Customer will ever know who created the design and identifies it with Spreadshirt and this is your intention.

While all this is still your good right, you should be more responsible for what you are selling with the claim “Partners”. You should better call it “sell your design on Spreadshirt and earn a commission” because this is what it really is.

  1. A large business like Spreadshirt which is telling me i am their partner should help me protect my Designs which are stored on your Plattform. But if we find hundreds of thousands stolen designs on other platforms, you do not support us in any way by telling us that we are the copyright holder and only we can take actions.

I think you know that it is almost impossible to take actions against platforms like teespring or similar as an individual, but you as Spreadshirt could if you just wanted.

Besides all this - whenever i (and many others) came up with something that really harms our income here in the Forum, we only hear: we can not satisfy everyone. Which is always and everywhere the case, BUT…

Anyway, please don’t classify my post as a rant against Spreadshirt, but i have created (in my definition) a large income for Spreadshirt and did not use any of your resources like the Spreadshop or anything and don’t see the will from Spreadshirt to help with anything else than earning from my content.

Thank you for reading all this.